131.4 - I took her out

I rode my bike. The brakes are still a bit awkward, but I did pretty well, I must say. :) I think riding the husband's bike several times helped tremendously.

I dig her. Yes, it is a girl. Now what to name her? LOL!

She's speedy, steering is awkward, and sometimes she makes a lot of noises that I don't think she should be making. LOL!

In other news, I think I might stop posting my weight in the header. This daily posting seems like a chore. I don't have that much stuff to say! LOL!

Happy Hump Day folks!


Krissa said...

I like your bike. I got mine today. I went ahead and bought the 600 dollar one from Craigslist that is on my blog. She, yes mine is a girl too :), feels amazing!!!!! I LOVE IT!

Now getting passed by cars may be another story :)

Becca said...

She needs a cool name, something like, Alexa or something sleek andsexy. lol.'

OMG krissa 600 bucks off craigslist? Mine ws like 75 lol!! Im cheap though. lol
Oh well, your bike is totally nice and probably good quality so hopefully worth it!

Sohee said...

Beautiful bike! My dad recently bought one for himself since he's into cycling now-- cost him over a thousand bucks. Holy cow.

Cuban Pete said...

Cute bike. Sold mine after nearly getting run over by a car last month...now I stick to spinning classes at the gym...much safer!:-)