129.8 - 200g of carbs!

Hey folks!! Today is my high day, and boy oh boy am I looking forward to it. I'm waiting on the hubs to wake up. He said he wanted to go on a bike ride then run with me this morning. I've been waiting for over an hour... I may just do my cardio on the treaddie. :( We have to head out of here soon to travel across the state to visit my dad. He just bought a house, and he is SO excited! So am I! We're picking out curtains and rugs today.

Anyways, I just finished baking a batch of blueberry muffins. I think they will be a hit. I'll be sure to post the recipe up, if they are. There is no sweetener (not even calorie free sweetener) in this recipe! I hope it's good. :)

I am keeping this short and sweet!

Have a wonderful weekend all!!


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