132.4 - PFffffft! Stupid Scale, Wedding Bells, and 3 Ingredient Protein Brownies

Alright. So, ever since I stopped blogging my daily weight, my weight has gone HAYWIRE! I'm starting it up again, hoping that my silly superstitious self (okay, I'm not really that superstitious) will once again see weight drops. I have been playing by the rules (except on the 4th, I had a planned cheat), but my body is still acting wonky.

This weekend was nice. We traveled 3.5 hours to a wedding. My husband and I always have the best conversations on trips! Upon our arrival, we could not BELIEVE our hotel room. It was literally a dorm room turned into a hotel. Color me unimpressed! LOL! Here's a pic of the hubs and I in our lovely room. It actually looks much better in pics! haha

and being the dork I am, I tried to take pics of myself in the bathroom to send to my pals Kathie and Becca. Apparently I have my bitch face on. I have not mastered the skill of self-photography.

Anyways, the wedding was nice, intimate, and there was mucho food and booze to be had. I stuck to my allotted amount, woke up dehydrated, and I am still paying for it with the supah dupah high weight. I was impressed with my legs in my dehydrated state, though! LOL!

... not the most attractive pic. I shouldn't take pics upon waking, but I had to capture this leg moment. LOL!

We got home kinda late, and I was so tired! My feet hurt so bad from all the dancing the night before! :) We declared Sunday an off day from training, and I got things ready for the work week.

I also threw together some protein brownies! Only three ingredients folks!

These are NOT clean, and the recipe is still in the works, but at 0g Fat, 16g Carbs, and 16g Protein, these are a very portable treat that's easy to fit in almost any diet. My recipe can be found here. The recipe is so simple! and you can always add a ton of goodies (chocolate chips, nuts, etc.) to spice'em up a bit. :)


Melissa Cunningham said...

ok,first,you are simply drop dead beautiful,even with the b@#@$* face,LOVE the pics and omg your LEGS!!!!!you really need to ditch the scale and not worry about for a few weeks- and second,YUMM-O on the protien brownie!!!!
keep staying the course chica and please dont worry about the scale,it always lies and it measures absolutly nothing but water,bone and muscle and whatever food you ingested....lol!!!

Tina said...

I'm OMGing your legs too :) I love it and yes ditch the scale :) So are you another Monster Masher ??? I'm thinking about doing it...until I saw those legs and you are beautiful :) But then again so is Becca !!!! OMG the brownies...YUM :)

Becca said...

LOL! PFFT! 132.4 my a$$. Who cares what the scale says? yeah the scale is NOT my friend either, that is why I never weigh myself.
yeah your legs. You suck. bigtime.

BTW, I am trying those brownies out this weekend. I can't make them cause Tim is in contest diet mode right now, but he'll be gone for a camping/bachelor party this weekend and I will eat my heart out. MM diet starts Monday! WOOT!!

Tina, I'm doing bikini in the MM...so no worries there. Plus, my legs look like tubs or string cheese compared to Genies!!

Amy/starya80 said...

Sweet leg pic!

I love that dress on you and your hair is so awesome!

Hope you're having a good day. Don't worry about the scale, it will come around one day!

Genie said...

Hi MELISSA! Thank you for the compliments! :) I can't wait to see some pics of your gorgeous self rocking the PRO stage! I hope you post some! *hint hint*

I'm not usually too big of a stickler for the scale, but I couldn't pinpoint what was going on here. Very frustrating!

Hi TINA!! Thanks girlie!! Come do the Monster Mash with us!! It will be SO MUCH FUN!!! :)

Yo BECCA! STFU. I feel the same way about your abs. ;) Love ya girlie!

Watch the brownies closely. I overcooked mine a bit, so the texture kinda sucks once they cooled. lol!

Hi AMYKINS!!!! Thank you so much! XOXO! I hope you are having a wonderful day as well!