Wordful Wednesday - 3.5 Weeks Out

and daydreaming of these bad boys I made Father's Day 2009...

Courage and Perservence

"Courage and perseverance have a magical talisman, before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish into air." - John Quincy Adams

WHOOPIE! Under construction!

This is what I worked on Saturday and Sunday. LOL! I probably ate about 5 or 6 of these suckers. Unfortunately, the recipe is on hold until I can tweak it more after prep. I have to lay off the dairy, as it does not agree with me. It sure was fun while it lasted. :)

Menu Planning Monday - Prep doesn't have to be boring!

After a lovely long MPM hiatus, I want to get back in the groove... not that I ever found my groove...

Let's keep prep fun with eats other than chicken and green beans... Although, I love'em! Feel free to ask about any of the meals. I don't have recipes to go off of... yet. ;) I can whip'em up if ya want me to, though!

Sun: Broiled steak, baked acorn squash, broiled cauliflower w/ smoked sea salt and freshly cracked black pepper
Mon: Smoked salmon, sauteed spinach, cream cheese wrap on a homemade spelt tortilla w/ extra steamed spinach on the side.
Tue: Baby spinach salad topped with chickpeas, black bean & corn salsa, and sliced pork tenderloin
Wed: Fake hot wings (baked chicken tenders with a faux fried 'crust' of spelt flakes), baked french fries, side salad
Thu: Pork tacos on homemade spelt tortillas
Fri: I'm going to try to talk the hubs into going out to eat. :) I'll have a chx salad w/ salsa as dressing! And I want some guacamole!!
Sat: Cheesy potato soup (hubby's request), spelt rolls, and I may have some chicken salad w/ light mayo or something else that tastes sinful. ;) I'll wait and see what I'm craving by week's end! Doubt I'll eat the soup! LOL!

Head on over to OrgJunkie's Menu Planning Monday for more menu ideas!!


"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out."
- Robert Collier

Wordless Wednesday - Happy birthday to me!

Terrific Tuesday!

Hey party people!! I haven't check in in a while, so I a thought the least I could do was send you an update...

Last week was awful, just awful. I felt like I did all the right things, but instead of the scale rewarding me, it creeped up in the opposite direction. So, now I am rewarded with less food or more cardio. LOL! I'm on the fence as to which one I want to do.

Labor Day weekend was just okay. Sunday we went to a cookout/reunion at the in-laws. I brought my meals, and surprisingly, was not even tempted by the goodies they had! WOO HOO! Go me! Monday, however, I couldn't keep anything down. I think I ate something bad? Typical of me. I was eating on the same sweet potato for a week -- how sad is that?! LOL!

Anyways, that's my mini recap! I have a ton of stuff to catch up on here in the office. Later today I will probably check back in to add some placeholders for my "tabs" up at the top. :)

It's a new and SHORT week! Make today a TERRIFIC TUESDAY! I'm ready to make the scale my bitch again! :o)

LESS THAN 7 Weeks out from my first show! YIKES!