129.4 - Wordless Wednesday - Felicia Romero (Motivational Pic!)


Becca said...

You fixed your template! I didn't have to scroll 3 miles to see your post! WOOT

yeah this girl is the bomb. she is one of my favs. I actually have pics of her in my locker at the gym for motivayshunz.

Sohee said...

WOW what a hottie! Does she compete?

Nerd Girl said...

gah! hot body!! some dayyyy i will look like that hahaha going to need to shell out about 10,000 bux to get the boobs though.

Melissa Cunningham said...

wow,i so wish i could look like her,but i think i would have to grow about 6 inches-up,not out-lol!....(and lizzie,the boobies only cost about 5grand depending where you go :)!)

Genie said...

BECCA: I didn't change anything. LOL! Blogger seems so picky.

I love Felicia Romero. Definitely a favorite Figure competitor of mine. What a dream body!

SOHEE: Absolutely! She is an NPC Figure Pro! I'll probably be posting more of her on my Wordless Wednesdays. LOL!

NERD GIRL: Yeah! I'm right there with ya! Haha!

MELISSA: You HAVE a dream body! ;)