130.4 - Tasty Tuesday - Easy Fruit Dip and More Vacay Pics!

2oz. Fat Free Cream Cheese (it doesn't necessarily have to be fat free) 15g (1T) fig preserves

Seriously. That is all. This is even great on Ezekiel toast (especially cinnamon raisin). Mmmmm!

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Well, I did it. I woke up and actually ran… at a snail’s pace, but I did it! And it actually felt kinda sorta good. ;) I ran 2 miles. Now, I know that doesn’t sound like much, but we all gotta start somewhere, right? I first wanted to do the Couch to 5k plan on Cool Running, but, honestly, I have started that damn program a handful of times, and I never ever finish it. I get B O R E D. So, I hopped on over to SparkPeople, took a gander at some of their running programs I had saved from 2007 (no joke! LOL!), and then opted to do their 10k running plan. I originally thought I would do the 5k running plan, but I didn’t want to start with a ½ mile run. There are also walk/run programs on pages linked. Fun stuff!

ALSO, wooty woo, I managed to crank out some 60# DB bench presses yesterday. That is 60# per arm, so a total of 120… 120 on a BB is old news for me, but I’ve never tried to bench that heavy with dumbbells. YAY!


WARNING: To say we got a little intoxicated this day would be an understatement. Early morning storms led us to the bar before noon. We are rebels, I tell ya!

Innocently, we started off at a car show.

which led to a bar... or two.

Then we went back to the room and cleaned up!

Water Taxi Ride:



Seriously. This is a house.

Check out my new friend. At this point, I was back to sober. Unbelievable.

Best. Food. Ever.

Hubby accidentally orders a $120 bottle of wine. LMAO. He doesn't even like wine much. Best damn wine ever!

On the way to the Pirate Bar. ARGH! This place was the shizz! We got to listen to Sublime all night long!

Uhm. Tanked.

Oh yeah.

BWAHAHAHAHA. This cracked me up.

Does anyone else have problems with Blogger formatting things all funky, or even losing formatting code? URGH!


Becca said...

I love these pics! That Snake is AWESOME! Very cool.
As far as the 120 dolla bottle of wine, DANG BIG SPENDER! Have him send me a bottle to test out...lol

Template - nothing seems wrong with yours except I have to scroll down really far to see your posts, but the sidebars start at the top? idk.

Nerd Girl said...

60 pound dumbbells? i think you could put many men to shame :-) love the pics!!!

Anonymous said...

lmao love the pics! You guys are so cute and $120 for a bottle of wine...it better have been good damn lol!

Anonymous said...

Hey you took a pic of my house...you should have stopped by ;)

EEK! No snake handling for me drunk or not!

Genie said...

BECCA (Twinny): Yeah, Seth is NOT usually a big spender! LOL! All we could do was laugh! LOL!

NG: The hubby did call me "man strong" after I finished. LOL! He is a nut. :)

MF: Thanks girl!! It was damn good wine. We easily knocked the bottle down the hatch. ;) We can put it away. LOL!

RH: Awwe dang. Next time we'll stop by. ;)