132.0 - What?!

I had a shocker of a weight drop this morning. WOO HOO! Bring it on! I wasn't expecting it at all... let's just say that I have been craving chocolate like a maniac! ;) Y'all know what I'm talking about.

Yesterday I had a GREAT leg workout. I think some PRs are coming up. I was really feeling it, and I could have done more, but I was working a new rep scheme, and those are hard to guess the right weights the first go 'round. I want to squat and SLDL 300 pounds. Back in the day (when I didn't know much about lifting... or dieting! haha), I could squat 305. I just did whatever weights the hubby was doing for legs, and I didn't even think twice about it. Nowadays, I think back and wonder how the EFF did I do that?!?! Well, my friends, I will get it back. Maybe not this year because of dieting, but I will get it back!

Today's agenda includes a veggie burger on a whole wheat English muffin... man, I am hungry! My real agenda for the day includes arms and cardio. I seemed to have tweaked something funky where the inner quad joins the knee area... you know that tear drop? It's swelling a little. I know this because I usually do not have an inner tear drop! LOL!

Have a great day folks! and lift heavy! :)

132.6 - On the way back down!

It's nice to see the scale moving in the right direction today!

I have been a bit of a mess, stressed out for several reasons today, and I don't want to dwell on it... so I don't have much to post... I just want to keep the daily weigh-ins going! LOL!

I hope everyone's week is off to a great start!!

133.4 - Post Carb-Up Scale Increase

Shoooo. Today has been another busy one. One weekend I will sit on my ass and relax. There is always so much to do and take care of, though! Today was no exception. I woke up, weighed in (up a bit from the carb increase yesterday), and proceeded on with my to-do list... some of my more exciting accomplishments of the day included:

1. Watching the Hangover (all kinds of awesome!!)

2. Dropping a plate on my big toe today at the gym (not awesome!)

3. Cleaning out and organized our armoire in the living room. I now have an organized home filing system in there, along with storage for a personal business venture of mine. (YAY!) I have been stoning suits, so if you all need the hookup, just let me know. Some examples are below!

I'm getting ready to head out for a bike ride, then the hubby and I will sit back and watch the new True Blood before calling it a night. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

132.6 - Carb Up!

Hey guys! Just a quick post before we head out for the evening. Today has been GO GO GO, and yet, I still managed to get nothing on MY to-do list accomplished. I really dislike days like today... BUT, I gotta find my sunshine, so the good things are:

1. A whole pound drop today!
2. I got to enjoy 12 whole inches of Subway!! LOL! Thank you carb up!
3. I am about two to three shades darker thanks to the sun. I was looking ghostly and grey!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend and enjoying this BEAUTIFUL weather! I tried, but as you can see, the pool was not cooperating!

133.6 - Wrappers Delight

I’m shrinking! I’m shrinking! And I should be. I’m starving… about to eat my arm off, but truth be told, dieting is A LOT easier when you are actually seeing progress!

Anyways, so guys, guess what I did? I made another wrap! I am kind of embarrassed that these are the only “recipes” I have been posting lately. I’m thinking a chocolate cookie, cupcake, or muffin is in order for my next recipe. I’ll have to get to work on that! ;)

Here is what I used:

Hard Boiled Egg Whites, 2 serving

Hard Boiled Egg, 1 large

Cucumber (with peel), 50 grams

Red Onions, raw, 20 grams

Red Ripe Tomatoes, 50 grams

Banana Peppers, 10 grams

Kraft Olive Oil Mayonaisse, 1 tbsp

Fit and Active multi-grain wrap, 1 serving

303 Calories, 25g protein, 26g carbs, 11g fat

And, since I am fairly lazy with this stuff… I prepared it by placing a bowl on my scale, and just cutting the eggs and vegetables right over the bowl, added mayo, and mixed! Then I plop the bowl onto the wrap, wrap, and eat. This way I only have one dish and one knife to clean. Talk about lazy!!

And, finally, I wanted to share with you this free sample of Nature’s Bounty fish oil! Once you register, you are directed to a rewards page with wonderful coupons, too!!


134.2 - Day 1, Down the Hatch!

I made it through the first day with minimal hunger pangs. Today will be a bit more of a challenge, I can already tell! After eating my breakfast of egg whites, oats, raspberries, and Splenda (Muffins!!), I was still hungry! I am very much looking forward to my next meal.

The scale is already slowly creeping down... I think I will keep my weight in the front of the title of each post! It will be fun watching it change and seeing all of the numbers lined up in my sidebar.

One thing I didn't accomplish yesterday -- I didn't work out AT ALL! Work was exhausting yesterday, and I just came home and crashed. So, the plan for today is to hit it hard, weights and cardio!

And, just for fun, my eats for the day! Don't freak out if you see things that aren't in normal diets (like lowfat mayo... my current love affair is Kraft Mayonaisse w/ Olive Oil -- SO GOOD!)

M1: egg whites, oats, raspberries, Splenda (muffins)
M2: egg, egg whites, olive oil mayo, salt, pepper (egg salad); Wasa cracker, baby carrots
M3: multi-grain wrap, tempeh, tomatoes, red onions, peppers, cucumbers
M4: NO Shotgun
M5: chicken, baked potatoes, yellow squash... maybe some low carb ketchup to throw on the potatoes
M6: All the Whey protein powder (Cupcake Battter flavor), Skippy Natural (crunchy!), fish oil caps

Phew! I want to eat now!!! :)

And We're Off!!

Prep is here! Prep is here!!

Becca did make a crack at me for starting prep on a Wednesday this many weeks out, and I admit, it probably isn't a very normal start day, but WTF, I will roll with it.

I snapped up a couple of quick pics yesterday morning, weighing in at a whopping 135.4 -- that is TEN pounds more than the day before contest last show.

Let's do this shizz!! (I know. This is a short post without much substance, but I wanted to let y'all know that prep is OFFICIALLY here!)

18 Weeks Out!!


I am 18 weeks out tomorrow. Yikes!

The gears in my brain are turning round and round... Yes, I still plan on doing a triathlon, but that isn't until Fall of 2010. ;)

So, what would you all like to see in here? Daily meals (that could get boring! LOL!), training, recipes, rambling? LOL!

I am looking forward to this prep. I plan on bringing a totally different package to the stage!

Oops I did it again! Chipotle Chicken Wrap

Channeling Britney Spears here. I wonder if that's a good or bad thing. :)

I made another lovely wrap concoction last night. It was so yummy that I wanted to share this recipe with you all!


Blend the following ingredients:

3/4c plain yogurt (I used nonfat plain... full fat, Greek, or even sour cream would work)
1 chipotle pepper in adobo sauce (less if you are not a spicy fan!)
juice of one lime

Stir the yogurt mixture into a bowl full of the following ingredients:

1 diced chicken breast
1 can black beans (drained and rinsed)
6oz. frozen corn, thawed (you could sub a can of corn, drained)
1 diced avocado

Put this deliciousness on a wrap. Garnish with veggies of your choice. I used romaine and halved cherry tomatoes. Red onions would have been an excellent addition, but I was out.


Road Bike Excursion

Attempt #1: Unsuccessful.

Let's just say I was awkward and feeling a bit uncoordinated. I thought I was coordinated. I have met my match.

The handle bars feel so far away, and I'm not comfortable leaning over on the bike. Also, just going down the block and back made my lady bits feel funky -- and not in a good way.

A couple friends suggested spin to get used to the positioning. I will start next week. As for the lady bits, I'll just have to buy a new seat or some lovely padded ass shorts. I wanted to build a bigger and bubblier booty, but I wasn't planning on doing it this way!

Asian Toasted Sesame Wrap

Heya folks! I just wanted to share with you this DELICIOUS wrap I made for dinner yesterday. I wanted something quick that tasted fresh... and this Asian Toasted Sesame Wrap was born!

Just start with 1 multi-grain wrap and top with the following:

1 oz. soft goat cheese
20g spinach
60g cucumbers
20g onions
1 oz. crumbled tempeh
2T Kraft Light Asian Toasted Sesame dressing
(this stuff is surprisingly good -- and has no artifical preservatives!)

I ate it with a side of baby carrots and tomatoes. I liked it so much that I am having it again today for lunch.

That's a wrap! :)

Running, running

PHEW! It's official. I am S L O W!!! I almost did not make it out the door on time for a run this morning! I couldn't pry myself out of bed. I think I was exhausted from putting this bar together yesterday!

I can't wait to eat dinner on our deck!! I love our deck. It's like a mini-oasis in the middle of town. LOL!

Anyways, I tried a new route out this morning... Channeling Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

I will admit. At one point I got freaked out. I was at the far corner of the cemetary and heard some unidentifiable noises. As it got louder, I realized it was just dogs. HAH! I'm such a dork.

I came home and prepared a quick brekkie... GREEN SMOOTHIE! I decided to start the green smoothie challenge on Saturday. More fresh veggies and fruits are never a bad thing! (This is actually a pic from my Saturday smoothie. Today's had blueberries, so the color wasn't nearly as pretty! LOL!)

Back to the grind! I hope everyone's week is off to a great start!

The hungry beast has awakened!!

Sheesh! I have been so hungry since yesterday afternoon. Lots of things could be working up my appetite, so I will spare you all the gory details. :) In my hunger-induced haze, I stumbled into Rite Aid and bought a box of these:

Zone Perfect Double Dark Chocolate Bars.

These are GOOD. I mean, REALLY good. I ate one immediately! I would rather have one of these than a candy bar -- no joke! This is a VERY chocolatey bar. There are crispier layers, a chewier top layer... the yummy chocolate dipped outer layer. All the textures are very satisfying!

On to training...

Yesterday was my rest day, so I have nothing to report! LOL! I did succumb to the hunger pangs (or listen to my body, whatever you want to call it), so I ate more than I originally planned... but it's all good! :) Gotta fuel the body!

Day 2 of TRI Training Complete!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009 Recap

We're on a roll! Mmmmm rolls...

Yesterday training was, once again, a complete success!! SCORE!

AM: Run .76 miles
PM: Full body weights (very light); one mile slow jog/walk and a few minutes of stretching

Yesterday morning was BEAUTIFUL! The sun was shining, birds were chirping! What a wonderful morning for a run! except my feet felt like lead and my legs were aching from the previous day's heavy leg workout. I had planned on running more, but I cut it short. The wheels needed recovery, and I knew that I would be doing some light cardio in the evening while training my sister-in-law. That's what my Tuesday PM workouts have been all about. We're trying to get her into shape. :) So, we do a full body workout together, I go super light because it should be a recovery day for me, show her the ropes and proper form, and finish with some light cardio. She's a complete beginner at all things fitness, so this actually works pretty well for me since I can almost use it as active recovery. Her goal is to get to the gym one or two more times during the week and repeat the workout.

Eats are a little low due to a tracking mishap. I logged the wrong meal for breakfast, and by the time I caught the error, the day was wrapped up. It's all good, though. I'm not going to sweat it.

Calories In: 1490
P/C/F: 152/135/38

Let's see if this bike makes it in today!

FedEx, crushing dreams, one day at a time


I am a little bummed, though. Yesterday the tracking to my new bike said June 02, 2009 delivery. Now it has been postponed a day. IhopeIhopeIhope I get my bike tomorrow. I have no choice but to wait.

They say patience is a virtue. (Who are they, anyways?) I'm not a very patient person, so this will be good practice for me.

and because blog posts without pics are boring... while this next pic has nothing to do with the above post... I'm posting it anyways. My itty bitty kitty, Gravy. Yes, I named an animal after food. :)

Day 1 of TRI Training Complete

Monday, June 1, 2009 - Recap

WOOT! Day 1 of training was a complete SUCCESS!

Nutrition was spot on.
Training was perfect.

Here's how things went down...

AM: one mile run
PM: Heavy legs day with lots of hamstring focus. I'd love to bring that area up as much as possible. I finished off the workout with a three mile recumbant bike ride and approximately five minutes of stretching.

I'm starting off slow.

However, I have been thrown a bit of a curve ball. Due to upcoming events, a mini-cut is in need. I've knocked my calories down quite a bit this week (i.e. started tracking again! LOL!), which is not ideal for building OR training for endurance. This mini-cut may only last for a week, possibly two... I'll just play it by ear, then G R A D U A L L Y start adding calories back in... that way I won't have to worry about any more mini-cuts in the future! LOL!

Calories In: 1623
P/C/F: 161/130/51

My bike arrives today! I will get the local bike shop to put it together tomorrow.