129.8 - Walking around myself

Phewie! Let's see, I did legs on Tuesday. I went HARD, even though my lifts were crummy due to being forced to hit squats last (the one and only squat rack was occupied) and the A/C being out. (Is that even legal? It seems like it would be some type of violation.) I suffered through and finished up with some low intensity (but lots of resistance) recumbant bike. Anyways, my legs are still paying for it. They are on Swole Patrol. Surrrriously. Even today my definition is lacking, and with every step I feel like I have to walk around myself. Uncomfy! and totally unattractive! LOL!

In other news, I DID get some sleep last night! I tried my tips, and still, by bedtime, I was wide awake. I took two Tylenol PM and went to bed an hour later. Even though this was the first time in my life I have ever taken Tylenol PM, I do NOT want to make it a habit. However, I must say that I feel much better today having got some rest!

Also, scale is up. Dunno what the deal is w/ that, but some fluctuation. I think I have at least a half pound of water around my thighs right now. Seriously. My legs are ridiculous today. I'll do some sumo deads and cardio this evening, and then see what happens from there. The torture -- I love it! LOL!

On to some fun stuff... *drumroll please*


I received a sample of chia seeds a while back from Greens+ and finally tried it out. Well, I must say that I enjoyed the crunch, and these little nutrient packed seeds really are flavorless! They get a gelatinous "shell" around them when mixed with water, and that was totally fun! It's the little things like that that make me happy. My only complaint is the gel made the seeds stick to my blender! I will definitely be incorporating these little guys into my diet!


Anonymous said...

Ha! I just tried those today myself :)