Testing - Multimedia message

Testing 3

Okay, so I guess this works. Too bad I can't just text to BLOGGR like it says I should be able to. LOL!


Becca said...

I text bloggr...it works for me! Your phone sux lol. When did you take that pic?

Tasha said...

Are you half naked in your office at work? LOL!

Kathie said...

you should be able to text it in, sweets. dunno why it's not working for you. POOTERS!!

I love that you take your body shot pics in your office. bwahahaha LOVE it!s

Genie said...

Hahahaha I was half naked in my office. I always change here then hit the gym. LMFAO

and yes, my phone sucks. My birthday is in September. Someone should buy me an iPhone. ;) LOL!