An eventful week!

Woah, this week has been quite eventful. We drove to Cincy on Wednesday afternoon to watch STP!! WOW! What a great concert! Seriously, it was one of the best I have been to, EVER!

Here we are after getting ready! I was gross because I woke up too late to shower that morning (WHOOPS! LOL!), so even though I was super short on time, showering was my number one priority once we got there.

And we made it to the venue safely... always a good thing.

And our seats were A W E S O M E!! Second row behind the pit! Yeah baby!!

Sorry for the crappy quality in the last few pics. They were shot on my phone!

Thursday, I took the day off work and we hit up the Cincinnati Zoo. It was a perfect day for wandering around the zoo...

Random pics:

For some reason the cat pics turned out best. :) They were all so so beautiful! After wandering around, looking at the animals, we hit up the 4-D adventure. Uhm. I was not that impressed. I'm saving my $5 next time!

SEXY, huh?! LOL!

Then, I had to pose with this lovely statue...

once we figured out where the exit was...

we were on our merry way home!

Going to zoos, events, ANYTHING really reminds me that we don't have jack to do at home. LOL!! We had a wonderful mid week mini-weekend! This one coming up should be a blast as well!

Oh, and the entire purpose of this post totally slipped my mind -- My Monster Mash registration and check are IN THE MAIL! It's official, folks! :)

P.S. I hope I no one OD'd on all the pics! LOL!


Amy/ starya80 said...

Awesome pics! I'd say you've had a great week and lots of good stuff going on! ;) Congrats on sending in your paperwork.

Have a great weekend!

Tasha said...

Hey Genie,

I started looking for my plane ticket for MM last night. I'll buy it sometime in the next week. I'm printing off my paperwork tonight and mailing it tomorrow. No turning back!!!

Becca said...

yeah those are fun, LMAO I love the pulp fiction pic of you best!!!