128.2 - Thirsty Thursday - Green Monster Movement

Hey guys!! Here's my first Thirsty Thursday post! What a perfect opportunity for me to share a wonderful website where you can find my favorite Green Monster recipe! Check out Angela's site, Green Monster Movement. Click on Reader's Recipes on the right hand side, and scroll down to the second post. Anyone look familiar? :D

Genie’s Green Monster

I have always had an interest in all things nutritious, so when I stumbled across Green Monsters, this was no different! However, I am a figure competitor, so when I am dieting for shows, I usually don’t get all the yummy add-ins I usually see in blogs (like nut butters). I have to make them lower calories, so this is my favorite go-to GM when I have to keep my calories in check!

150g baby spinach
1 banana
1 scoop protein powder (Chocolate Ultimate Muscle Provider by Beverly International or Chocolate by All they Whey)
1/2-1c water

And that’s it! It keeps my calories low enough that I still eat under maintenance, and I still get to eat a lot of greens! YUM!

There are a ton of great Green Monster recipes on Ang's site! Check it out! :)

Fun in the Sun

The hubs and I are going on a mini vacation this evening. We're going to Fort Lauderdale until Sunday to enjoy some BEACH TIME! WOOTY WOO! (Becca, you gots me hooked on saying that. LOL) I have mass quantities of food packed, protein powder baggies (man I hope they don't think I am trying to smuggle drugs!), tuna packets, salmon packets, Clif bars (delicious treats!), clean carbs, etc. I even have my kitchen AND bathroom scale in tow. Gotta keep it real since I'm in prep... not to say that I might not enjoy a meal or two out, but I'd rather maintain, or at least keep it under 130, since weight loss tends to get very sticky for me at the sub 130 numbers. Ya wanna know what is MOST impressive? I've packed all this stuff in carry-on only! I have never tried to pack so much food (and junk) to bring as a carry-on. My suitcase and personal bag are designed for carry-on, but I'm nervous. AND, I just know they are gonna think I am a nutjob when they check my bags. HA! Oh well.

Pics of the food stash:

Unfortunately, our hotel does not have free wireless, so today I will try to figure out how to blog from my phone, via text. If you have any tips please let me know! :) I guess I could blog via email on my phone, too!


And here are some pics of some recipes that I have been working on! :) These are two different batches of CLEAN, contest prep safe muffins... I think they will be almost perfect after a couple minor tweaks.

Later dudes! :)


Becca said...

WTF MATE? Seriously, those muffins are to die for. ME WANTS! Gosh I am so boring in prep, I never make cool things like you. I want to try the muffins, you say they are clean but I don't eat fruit? I is hard corez. Maybe a blueberry or two wouldnt' hurt....

Yeah LOL, all those fatties at the airport are going to wonder WTF is in the bags...a mix of cociane and whey, that will get your cardio going without even trying! LMAO!
YEs, you can totally blog via email or text. Just set it up through blogger. I always forget I can compose an email and post it straight to my blog. It's thebomb.com WOOTY WOO!

Mellissa said...

Have fun on your vaca, and I saw your recipe on the Green Monster site look for mine soon!

Tasha said...

Those muffins look great. I'm so glad you posted the pic of the food you packed. I'm going on Vaca next week and have been trying to figure out how to stay relatively on plan. My goal is to only go off plan for dinners and to make sure I still get my workouts in every day. You inspire me that it can actually be done!

Sohee said...

Hahahaha I am actually in the middle of writing a blog post about the green monster as well. SO YUMMY.

I am going away this weekend too! My packed goods will be similar to yours ;)

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for the finished recipe! Although during prep I can't have fruit ugh....oh well.

I'm going on vacay in 2 weeks also but we're driving so it's actually easier :)