129.4 - Can't sleep!

Sheesh. It has been days/weeks/months (maybe? It has been over one month!) since I have had a nice long restful slumber. I spend most nights tossing and turning for hours (yes hours), my mind racing... I'm at my wit's end! (What the heck does that even mean, anyways? LOL) I've tried visualization, counting sheep, sleepy teas, melatonin, 5-htp, other supplements (Lean Dreams, Black Ops), different pre-bed meal combinations, the master bedroom is dark, I have a fan going to block out noise... last night, or should I say this morning, I resorted to taking one Nyquil capsule. I was afraid that taking two would make me too groggy this morning. I've been doing some research, and here are the tips I will try out tonight.

1. Take a hot bath or shower before bed.
2. Avoid caffeine (I'm not having any caffeine after 3PM today. This means no more NO Shotgun for now. *cries*)
3. Get to bed as early as possible.
4. Journal (My mind races like crazy. This seems to be the most logical tip I have found in regards to this.)

I am also going to get tomorrow's meals prepped as soon as I walk through the door this evening, which should be around 7:30 PM. There will be no running around like a chicken with its head cut off at 9:45 tonight trying to get my food packed for tomorrow's work day.

What are your sleepy time tips and tricks?


Mellissa said...

I am dealing with the same insomnia, I try to make a list of things before I go to bed so I don't lay awake thinking of them. Do you read before bed at all? Sometimes that works for me.

I do take a Tylenol PM occasionally and I can count on that for a solid night of sleep.

Becca said...

My tricks for falling straight asleep are getting up at 5am! LOL
No but seriously, no shotgun? BLASTPHEMY! I could drink it at 8 pm and still sleep by 930...caffiene just doesnt affect me that much.
When I do want to get a super good night's sleep and unwind though, chammomile tea for SURE. Celestial Seasonings makes a great one with Lavendar, it's called sleepy time and it works wonders!! SO CALMING!

Amy said...

Did you get some sleep? I hope sure hope so. I also think that waking up at 5 helps me pass out cold. Do you think it's diet related? Did you check with Dr. Joe? or stress maybe? I haven't taken no explode in a while but taking it around 5 never casued me sleep problems.

Have you been crafty lately?