Woops. I forgot to pack my veggies with meal 2 today. I will stop and get a side salad from McDonald's at lunch. I need some foliage to fill me up!

10 Days to go! Man. Time F L I E S!!!! I am excited, but I am ready to get it over with. I am ready to eat. LOL

Almost to the Finish Line!

I'm getting anxious, excited, and I've stopped worrying about how my body will come in. Sure, I want my midsection to be much leaner, my legs and calves to be bigger, heck my whole stinkin' body could be leaner, but that's okay! I'm okay with it. I just want to have a wonderful experience!

As usual, I have a lot of to-do's floating around in my brain. My current project is a brand new suit. I ordered one to stone then sell, since I had great luck selling my suit that I previously stoned. Well, turns out that this suit fits me wonderfully! CC Fitwear is the bomb! (Do people still say things are the bomb?) I'm going to try to bust ass and see if I can stone this baby by May 9th... but in a stress-free manner. I have the beautiful pink suit borrowed from a friend, and while it 'fits', it is still tight in the hips. I didn't lose much weight at all during this process. I think the running total is 7 pounds. Yeah. How does THAT happen?! Maybe if I went on another vacation, I would lose more! LOL! KIDDING! That vacay weight loss had to be a total fluke!

Post-competition plans are, well, being planned. The hubby and I have had several discussions about cutting out a lot of our meat consumption. There are the obvious reasons: animal cruelty and the high cost of meat, but did you know that it greatly negatively impacts the environment? While I can't say that we'll cut out meat completely (because I can't figure out where one would draw the line... many household and personal care products have bits and pieces of animal in them!), I am hoping that we can help a little by decreasing our consumption. I am so excited about this! and I am totally impressed by my husband and his excitement! My only concern at the moment is how this will effect my physique.

My New Toy

Finally! I got a Heart Rate Monitor! YAY!!

Let me preface this by saying my husband was thoughtful enough to get me a HRM from Wal-Mart for Easter. It was a men's watch, and my wrists are smaller, so I had to sadly return it. So... I bought this bad boy! The Polar F7!


I LOVE IT! I am so excited about my new toy that I just hadtohadtohadto share! I wore it for the first time yesterday during a brutal legs and cardio session. I kept glancing down at the Calories Burned and pushing that number higher and higher. This could get addictive. It's kinda sorta like driving with a GPS that estimates your arrival time... if you are ANYTHING like me, you have to beat that time!

Now, I've never been a competitive person... well, competitive against others, but dammit I am competitive against these inanimate objects -- friggin' gadgets, of all things.

It's Happening!

I'm getting excited! FINALLY! Will my body be ready? I sure hope so, but at this point I've given up on being stressed out about it. I feel like all other things are finally in place. I decided to not worry about tanning myself, so I scheduled that; booked the room last night (got an awesome deal on the rate!); and since I am on SUCH a roll, I even ordered a suit for the fall. LOL! Go me go! I have two blingin' patterns to choose from, and I can't wait to get started. YIPEE!

Tanning Woes!!!

Okay, okay... So, I've been slacking in the blog department, what's new?

Right now, I'm still stressed about not being lean enough, but I'm just rolling with it. It's almost over. I'm almost at the finish line, even though I don't think I will present quite the package I had envisioned. That is okay. I'm going to bust my balls and get up on that stage anyways. The stupid scale has worked its way UP once again. I'm broken. I need fixed. In 2.5 weeks I will be able to mend myself back into a calorie burning machine. :) In the mean time, I am really hoping peak week will be magical... I'm gonna need it! LOL!

Noooooowwww, on to something I have a little more control over. What's everyone's favorite tanning process? I'm a little bit stressed about this. My tan will have to be on point! I am too flawed to be flaunting abs and the slightest straitions. I'm gonna need all the help I can get. I have some Pro Tan Overnight Competition Color in my aresenal. Last year, for FAP Bikini, I used Jan Tana. I don't think it liked me. I ended up gross. Liquid Sun Rayz will be there for on site tanning, and I might go that option... What's your tanning process? Do you have any tips? any tips for things NOT to do?

I need help please.


Time flies when you're not having fun...

Now that isn't quite how the saying goes, is it? LOL! This week has not been a good one, so I have been in a less than stellar mood. I have been able to start each day happily, so at least I'm not dwelling on the negatives. My diet has been 100% on point. I will not waiver. Dammit, it's the one thing I have complete control over while prepping for this competition.

So, I'm just going to briefly touch over two of my negative occurrences of the week... then I'll put them behind me. What's done is done. First, my suit arrived... my beautiful, glorious, suit. It is way sparklier than I imagined. The color is so me! It's too big. Way. Too. Big. I contact the designer... no returns, only exchanges, but they don't make the cups any smaller. I will sell it and wear my friend's suit. It's absolutely gorgeous... and a lot nicer than anything I can afford anyways! And, the other prep related woe... The scale is not moving in a favorable direction. I don't know what the deal is, but I'll keep plugging along.

LET'S FOCUS ON THE POSITIVES!!! I have to end this on a happy note.

1) Diet has been spot on
2) Training couldn't be any better. I've never cardio'd harder in my life. :)
3) I have a beautiful suit to wear thanks to a very gracious friend. (XO Thank you so much!)
4) In just a little over three weeks I will be able to cook my little heart out! I haven't missed eating food nearly as much as cooking! How weird am I?

Have a terrific Thursday!

Carbs, Carbs, and MORE Carbs!

WOOO!!! Today is my carb-up day. I'm giddy like a school girl. It's sad, really!

For breakfast, I had protein waffles (protein, oats, and egg whites) topped with a fruity syrup (Jok'N'Al Black Currant sugar-free spread, sugar-free syrup, and chopped apples), and a small side of oats. PHEW! I'm stuffed!


The sausage looks a little gross due to reheating it in the microwave, but I assure you, it still tasted good. Who am I kidding? Everything tastes good after a few low days. LOL!

The meal I am most looking forward to is this one (half shown below):


Toasted Sesame Ezekial Bread, topped with smoked salmon, fat free french onion dip, and roasted red peppers. I know, I know, you're probably thinking why the heck is she eating dip on prep?! The macro breakdown: 0F/2C/1P. It sure beats the low cal dressings I was eating, too! So, fat free dip is my new salad dressing for the next little bit. It rocks!

Yay! It's a happy eating day for me! I'm going to have a killer workout this evening!


It's April 7th already. Where does the time go?! I'm only one month and two days out. AHHHH! I hope my suit gets here soon! I hope I have time to get lean enough. I hope I have time to get my posing and walk down! I hope, I hope, I hope!!! My nerves have kicked into high gear. My stomach is clenching as I type. *sigh* Time to kick it up a notch, if there is such a thing. Low carb days start today and cardio will go up next week. Tunnel vision.


And We're Back!! (Recap, Progress Pics, and Vacation Slideshow)

Vacation was great! The weather was stormy, but that's okay. We had a fantastic time!!! We spent Saturday and Sunday in Atlanta. We watched the Lakers play the Hawks (unfortunately Kobe did not put on the show we had hoped for, but it was still a fun game!), and we also squeezed in some bar hopping, gym going, restaurant eats (Cheesecake Factory anyone? hehe), and a trip to the museum where they had the Emporer Qin Terra Cotta warriors tour. Amazing. We left for Panama City Beach after the basketball game, arrived shortly after midnight, and became couch potatoes. :) I did make it to Gold's once where a beefy older man told me that I did not lift like a girl and that I did not have arms like a girl. LMAO! I took it as a compliment and giddily thanked him. We only had one good day of beach weather. We spent that early morning lounging on the cold beach. The rest of our vacay was spent shopping, eating, drinking... I did eat well during the day (egg whites, chicken, and veggies), but I enjoyed our dinners out. I was able to stop when or before I was full, so no damage was done! Below are my 5 weeks out pics to prove it! :) Ignore my wide-eyed face in my front pose. I was running off of fumes having only slept 3 hours, and I tried to look more awake... Uh... Mission accomplished. LOL! I look crazy. Oh well. You can click on the pics to make them larger. A slideshow of our trip can be found here!

Happy Monday to all! It's back to the grind.

Wt: 129.0
BF: 17% (Pfffffft)