129.8 - Thirsty Thursday - Sugar Free Margaritas!

It's Thirsty Thursday! WOO HOO! I want to share with you my favorite "diet" alcoholic beverage. Of course, these can be made non-alcoholic as well and are mighty mighty tasty! Introducing *drumroll please* Sugar Free Margaritas by Baja Bob's! Just add booze (optional), water, and ice and you have a delicious, festive beverage without all the guilt! I plan on indulging in one or two (non-alcoholic) this weekend! You know I add my tequila in the off season, though. ;)

My favorites are:

Bob's Wild Strawberry Daiquiri & Margarita Mix is so berrylicious he couldn't risk getting stuck without his own personal stash when traveling. This 60 gram powdered packet makes 1/2 gallon (64 oz.) of mix.

Simply mix with water and then add Rum for a delicious Strawberry Daquiri or with your favorite Tequila for a Strawberry Margarita.

ZERO calories and ZERO sugar per 4 oz. serving! *

Makes TWICE the amount of mix for the same cost as other brands.

Sweetened with Splenda. Other sugar free mixes are made with erythritol or aspartame, which have an aftertaste and can have a laxative effect. Bob says: "That's just not right."

Baja Bob listened to all of your requests and created these portable packets that you can take wherever you go! Each box comes packed with 10 single-serve packets. Use one at a time or all 10 to make a batch for your guests. Simply...add water and tequila. Try substituting club soda for a refreshing non-alcoholic calorie and sugar-free mango soda. Either pour into glass filled with ice or blend with lots of ice to make slushy. Just $4.49 per box!

Let Bob break it down for you: ZERO calories per serving! * That's right, ZERO! The average sugar-loaded margarita mix can run over 250 calories per serving!

Definitely check them out! They are SO good!


This morning I checked my ego at the door... or shall I say the foot of my bed, since I did cardio in my basement. The plan was to pick up the Spark your way to a 10k program over at SparkPeople (LOVE THIS SITE!). Anyways, my legs were like lead this morning and tonight is legs day! No way was I running 3 miles! This program is designed for someone who can easily run 3 miles. I, on the other hand, am enduranced-challenged. I decided to back on down to the Spark your way to a 5k program. It was a great call. I warmed up with a brisk 10:00 walk, then ran my half a mile, and finished up with incline walking. I actually felt GREAT! not tired. I am now energized and my legs are feeling like they had a wonderful pick-me-up this morning. So YAY!

As you can see, the scale bumped up a smidge. Have no fear! 'Tis a bit of hormonal bloat. I can definitely deal with the .4 pound increase. ;) Not too shabby.


The diet was a struggle yesterday. Hunger was a'raging, but I pulled through. I had nagging cravings for chocolate, icing, ya know, the sweet stuff! the STRONG sweet stuff. LOL! But, we all have days like that. Sometimes you just have to suck it up! although sometimes this seems impossible ;)

Also, I know that many of you have requested my blueberry muffin recipe... It is STILL in the works, but I'm hoping to make some minor tweaks this weekend for the BIG REVEAL for next week's Tasty Tuesday. I'll be making these muffins every weekend until I get it right! LOL! I'm determined to get this recipe to you all. ;)


I finally have hubby excited about fixing up the house! WOO HOO! I've done some minor home improvement DIY type things (the main bathroom is a work in progress, and I installed a digital programmable thermometer), but I haven't done much. Seth is very frugal (thankfully!), so I always feel a little guilty fixing things up. These things aren't that cheap. Now we will start budgeting for it. I am so SO excited!! Of course, I'm going to scope out the deals and try to do as little financial damage as possible!

Here's an item we have on the way... A new chandelier for the eat in kitchen area. Our old (and ugly) hanging light broke (yay!), so this is a forced upgrade. This area of the house has a warm goldeny paint job (not our doing, but I have grown to love it!), as well as a very rustic feel. I think it will look fantastic!

I would like to paint or get a new chandelier for the formal dining area as well, but that will just have to wait.

I'll be sure to post upgrade pictures as they occur or upon completion. :)