Google is my Friend. Part II.

No, not all of my posts will be Google oriented. I'm just a little low on substance right now. I have a ton of to-dos to do this weekend, so I will be locked, cocked, and ready to rock with enough entries to tie me over next week.

Forward march.

Google SMS. What's this you ask? An easy peasy way to get info sent to your cell phone. This automated system can send you phone numbers, turn-by-turn directions, weather, definitions, movie showtimes, translations... the list is ginormous. All you have to do is text your query to GOOGLE (466453) in a very simple format.

  • define amorphous - You guessed it. This will retrieve the definition of amorphous.
  • 123 Lovers Lane, Timbuktu, OH to 40734 - This retrieves the turn by turn direction from Lovers Lane in Timbuktu to the zip code 40734. Pretty amazing stuff.
  • movies San Diego, CA - Returns showtimes. You may also use your zip code instead of city and state.

Of course, in GOOGLE fashion, this is free! (aside from standard text message rates)


For more info:

Google is my Friend. Part I.

Click. Hum. Silence.


Click. Silence.

More cursing.

Hubby is totally ticked off. The garbage disposal is broken.

Move forward 24 hours. DH is still cursing that darn thing. Uhm, Hello McFly, if you put a shot glass down the drain and flip the switch to the disposal, chances are it's going to break! In DH's defense, he did not know a shot glass was down there... How it got there is beyond me. After hours of griping, listening to how, "It will cost 500 to THOUSANDS of dollars to fix," (I had to snicker at this... Dramatic much? ), Google came to the rescue! After 5 minutes of research and 10 minutes of elbow grease from Miss Fix-it (that would be me ;) ), the disposal was fixed. How's that for thousands of dollars in repairs? I love my husband, but not for his repairman skills.

*sigh* The joys of being a first-time home owner.