Day 1 of TRI Training Complete

Monday, June 1, 2009 - Recap

WOOT! Day 1 of training was a complete SUCCESS!

Nutrition was spot on.
Training was perfect.

Here's how things went down...

AM: one mile run
PM: Heavy legs day with lots of hamstring focus. I'd love to bring that area up as much as possible. I finished off the workout with a three mile recumbant bike ride and approximately five minutes of stretching.

I'm starting off slow.

However, I have been thrown a bit of a curve ball. Due to upcoming events, a mini-cut is in need. I've knocked my calories down quite a bit this week (i.e. started tracking again! LOL!), which is not ideal for building OR training for endurance. This mini-cut may only last for a week, possibly two... I'll just play it by ear, then G R A D U A L L Y start adding calories back in... that way I won't have to worry about any more mini-cuts in the future! LOL!

Calories In: 1623
P/C/F: 161/130/51

My bike arrives today! I will get the local bike shop to put it together tomorrow.


Becca said...

Upcoming events, like weddings and stuff where you must be looking good? My whole summer is full of those! DAMNIT!! LOL

Genie said...

Hi Becca! No, no weddings!! LOL! Well, I do have to attend one, but those don't count. LOL