132.6 - On the way back down!

It's nice to see the scale moving in the right direction today!

I have been a bit of a mess, stressed out for several reasons today, and I don't want to dwell on it... so I don't have much to post... I just want to keep the daily weigh-ins going! LOL!

I hope everyone's week is off to a great start!!


Kathie said...

Shall we have a chat session tonight so you can fill me in on your day? I will log on about 8pm EST. ;)

sophia said...


As the song goes "It's just one of those days"....this too shall pass.

It was raining like crazy this morning but I just smiled all day because the raining weather has been around for ALL of June.

I kept thinking...Jamaica soon come.

While the scale is going for you mine is going up...but that's okay my skinny body needs it. I just wish it wouldnt go to my waist line. There is other parts of my body that needs it. hahaha

I hope the rest of your day turned around for the better.

Becca said...

Ok I'm going to get on chat so I can be filled in as well.
Glad scale is cooperating at least.

Genie said...

Thanks Kathie and Becca. It was a bit of a hectic night, so I didn't get to chat! Thank you for the support. Knowing y'all are there make me feel better! It's nothing serious, so no worries. ;)

Hi Sophia! It WAS one of those days! Here's to a better one. :) When are you going to Jamaica?!

It sounds like we hold/gain weight similarly! Wouldn't it be nice if we could pick and choose where! LOL!

sophia said...


I'm going to ocho rios the middle of august with a couple of gfs.

Yeah, its hard for me see any movements on the scale or in the mirror.

I wouldn't mind losing a bit of fluff before hitting up the beach but I'm not a dieting kind of a gyal.

I'm glad to hear your day turned around.