Road Bike Excursion

Attempt #1: Unsuccessful.

Let's just say I was awkward and feeling a bit uncoordinated. I thought I was coordinated. I have met my match.

The handle bars feel so far away, and I'm not comfortable leaning over on the bike. Also, just going down the block and back made my lady bits feel funky -- and not in a good way.

A couple friends suggested spin to get used to the positioning. I will start next week. As for the lady bits, I'll just have to buy a new seat or some lovely padded ass shorts. I wanted to build a bigger and bubblier booty, but I wasn't planning on doing it this way!


Becca said...

My friend Jordan roadbikes and he said the first few times each year takes a little getting used will adjust - but a padded seat is not a bad idea!

Heather said...

Oh padded shorts are a MUST but also you can look into a gel seat as well! I have one on mine & it's girly bit saviour :)

Kathie said...

my fitness friend Diane swears by the padded bike shorts but if they are not up your alley or you want something more economical, hit up Walmart at lunch for the padded gel seat cover. It only costed me $12 and my ladybits have been very happy since. ;)