And We're Off!!

Prep is here! Prep is here!!

Becca did make a crack at me for starting prep on a Wednesday this many weeks out, and I admit, it probably isn't a very normal start day, but WTF, I will roll with it.

I snapped up a couple of quick pics yesterday morning, weighing in at a whopping 135.4 -- that is TEN pounds more than the day before contest last show.

Let's do this shizz!! (I know. This is a short post without much substance, but I wanted to let y'all know that prep is OFFICIALLY here!)


Becca said...

UGH! I want to smack you! YOU LOOK GOOD AT 135!! Look at those legs, I can't even get mine to look like that when I was 8% BF.

Nice pics girlie...
Let's DO THIS!

Melissa Cunningham said...

wow,how many weeks out again??LOL! you look amazing NOW,cant imagine how amazing you will look in 17weeks? or however many you have left??keep up your hard work!!im in the process of figuring out a triathalon event close to me-ive never done one,so that is my next adventure-AFTER a week vacation from the gym after this show coming up!!! so we may be doing a lot of the same crazy training!

Genie said...

Oh hush up Becca! You have nice legs, and I can't get my abs to look like yours. :)

Hey Melissa! I have a little over 17 weeks to go! :)

Oh that is very exciting about the Tri!! Have you done one before? I'm shooting for August 2010 for mine. I suck at endurance, so it is a fun challenge! Good luck training, and best of luck with your upcoming show! Not that you need it. ;)