Oops I did it again! Chipotle Chicken Wrap

Channeling Britney Spears here. I wonder if that's a good or bad thing. :)

I made another lovely wrap concoction last night. It was so yummy that I wanted to share this recipe with you all!


Blend the following ingredients:

3/4c plain yogurt (I used nonfat plain... full fat, Greek, or even sour cream would work)
1 chipotle pepper in adobo sauce (less if you are not a spicy fan!)
juice of one lime

Stir the yogurt mixture into a bowl full of the following ingredients:

1 diced chicken breast
1 can black beans (drained and rinsed)
6oz. frozen corn, thawed (you could sub a can of corn, drained)
1 diced avocado

Put this deliciousness on a wrap. Garnish with veggies of your choice. I used romaine and halved cherry tomatoes. Red onions would have been an excellent addition, but I was out.



Kathie said...

omg! this sounds and looks so YUMMO! Gonna have to try. =)

Fitness Jenn said...

Hey girl -

It's been a while and I just sat here catching up reading your posts. GOOD LUCK with all the Tri training...that sounds great!

And your wraps looks DELISH...I've turned into quite a domestic diva these days cooking more for me and my man...I'll have to give those a try!