133.4 - Post Carb-Up Scale Increase

Shoooo. Today has been another busy one. One weekend I will sit on my ass and relax. There is always so much to do and take care of, though! Today was no exception. I woke up, weighed in (up a bit from the carb increase yesterday), and proceeded on with my to-do list... some of my more exciting accomplishments of the day included:

1. Watching the Hangover (all kinds of awesome!!)

2. Dropping a plate on my big toe today at the gym (not awesome!)

3. Cleaning out and organized our armoire in the living room. I now have an organized home filing system in there, along with storage for a personal business venture of mine. (YAY!) I have been stoning suits, so if you all need the hookup, just let me know. Some examples are below!

I'm getting ready to head out for a bike ride, then the hubby and I will sit back and watch the new True Blood before calling it a night. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


Becca said...

Um helloo.....i freaking love the black one! Times like this I was I was still a figure girl b/c the suits are so awesome! *tear*