134.2 - Day 1, Down the Hatch!

I made it through the first day with minimal hunger pangs. Today will be a bit more of a challenge, I can already tell! After eating my breakfast of egg whites, oats, raspberries, and Splenda (Muffins!!), I was still hungry! I am very much looking forward to my next meal.

The scale is already slowly creeping down... I think I will keep my weight in the front of the title of each post! It will be fun watching it change and seeing all of the numbers lined up in my sidebar.

One thing I didn't accomplish yesterday -- I didn't work out AT ALL! Work was exhausting yesterday, and I just came home and crashed. So, the plan for today is to hit it hard, weights and cardio!

And, just for fun, my eats for the day! Don't freak out if you see things that aren't in normal diets (like lowfat mayo... my current love affair is Kraft Mayonaisse w/ Olive Oil -- SO GOOD!)

M1: egg whites, oats, raspberries, Splenda (muffins)
M2: egg, egg whites, olive oil mayo, salt, pepper (egg salad); Wasa cracker, baby carrots
M3: multi-grain wrap, tempeh, tomatoes, red onions, peppers, cucumbers
M4: NO Shotgun
M5: chicken, baked potatoes, yellow squash... maybe some low carb ketchup to throw on the potatoes
M6: All the Whey protein powder (Cupcake Battter flavor), Skippy Natural (crunchy!), fish oil caps

Phew! I want to eat now!!! :)


Becca said...

OMG I'm so hungry~~
I really like your idea of keeping your weight as your titles! That will be really cool in the sidebar. dangit why didn't I think of that first?!