132.6 - Carb Up!

Hey guys! Just a quick post before we head out for the evening. Today has been GO GO GO, and yet, I still managed to get nothing on MY to-do list accomplished. I really dislike days like today... BUT, I gotta find my sunshine, so the good things are:

1. A whole pound drop today!
2. I got to enjoy 12 whole inches of Subway!! LOL! Thank you carb up!
3. I am about two to three shades darker thanks to the sun. I was looking ghostly and grey!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend and enjoying this BEAUTIFUL weather! I tried, but as you can see, the pool was not cooperating!


Becca said...

YAY FOR BREAD!!!! BOO FOR GREEN POOLS! You better tell Seth to get on that, it's already end of June! lol.
Good job on dropping another lb. ok my, i mean, Tim's diet starts today so hopefully that will help!

Genie said...

Becca, that is not our pool! LOL! If we had a pool it would probably be the cleanest thing we own since we both like being in the water so much! LOL!

Kathie said...

hip hop horrah for Subway!!!

must have been dad's pool, yes?

im glad one of us is getting some color. i havent been able to get squat other than a few red spots on my shoulders. LOL!!!

Mmm choco protein muffins.