18 Weeks Out!!


I am 18 weeks out tomorrow. Yikes!

The gears in my brain are turning round and round... Yes, I still plan on doing a triathlon, but that isn't until Fall of 2010. ;)

So, what would you all like to see in here? Daily meals (that could get boring! LOL!), training, recipes, rambling? LOL!

I am looking forward to this prep. I plan on bringing a totally different package to the stage!


Becca said...

Meh, I get kinda bored of the daily meals. I guess I like reading other people's though, just to see how it differs, but for me, I don't bother. I don't mind mentioning what I eat here and there, but when I tried to blog it, it became so mundane.

Where is the time goign!? I am super excited to see your package lol. I am actually looking forward to this prep too because I plan on competing against myself to do better this time!!

Tasha said...

OMG 18 weeks out!! Craziness! Genie, I'm doing a show the week before MM too so I'm right there with you! Yeah for bringing better/new packages to the stage!!!

Krissa said...

maybe a little of all the above. diet/nutrition/training/rambling. We arent too picky :)

Pics are always accepted :)