133.6 - Wrappers Delight

I’m shrinking! I’m shrinking! And I should be. I’m starving… about to eat my arm off, but truth be told, dieting is A LOT easier when you are actually seeing progress!

Anyways, so guys, guess what I did? I made another wrap! I am kind of embarrassed that these are the only “recipes” I have been posting lately. I’m thinking a chocolate cookie, cupcake, or muffin is in order for my next recipe. I’ll have to get to work on that! ;)

Here is what I used:

Hard Boiled Egg Whites, 2 serving

Hard Boiled Egg, 1 large

Cucumber (with peel), 50 grams

Red Onions, raw, 20 grams

Red Ripe Tomatoes, 50 grams

Banana Peppers, 10 grams

Kraft Olive Oil Mayonaisse, 1 tbsp

Fit and Active multi-grain wrap, 1 serving

303 Calories, 25g protein, 26g carbs, 11g fat

And, since I am fairly lazy with this stuff… I prepared it by placing a bowl on my scale, and just cutting the eggs and vegetables right over the bowl, added mayo, and mixed! Then I plop the bowl onto the wrap, wrap, and eat. This way I only have one dish and one knife to clean. Talk about lazy!!

And, finally, I wanted to share with you this free sample of Nature’s Bounty fish oil! Once you register, you are directed to a rewards page with wonderful coupons, too!!



sophia said...

wait a minute girly! you plopped the bowl on the wrap and wrapped and ate it. HOw did the bowl taste. LOLst!

Just kidding....

That picture looks yummy!
must try it.

Are you calories that low! Thats awesome you are seeing changes so quickly.

Genie said...

LOL Sophia!! The bowl was a bit tough and tasted a bit plasticky. :-D

My calories are low. I think they will be bumped up next week.

As for the wrap, it was GREAT fresh. I had one today that was made yesterday, and the liquid from the vegetables altered the texture. The taste was still good, but it is much better fresh! :)

Becca said...

LMAO! The bowl....
Zomg you are shrinking already! Gotta love that first week! WOOT!!

Krissa said...

How many calories are you sticking to right now? Good job on the progress. Wrap looks tasty. :)