Yum Yum Gimme Some!!

I had the most amazing breakfast Friday. Yes, I am just now telling you about it. I'm a slacker! :-D Actually, I just didn't want to bombard you with a ton of Amazing Grass and Oikos posts, like I was some sort of brainwashed broken record... but, actually, I am. I can't get enough of either!!


Oikos and Amazing Grass unite!!! for an Amazingly delicious breakfast.

I mixed together two of my favs, Oikos Honey and Amazing Grass Chocolate Infusion Amazing Meal. It was a match made in breakfast heaven.

Oh, but I couldn't just stop there... I had to top it with dark chocolate chips, dried coconut, and frozen banana slices. Perfection. If I wasn't out of Amazing Grass Chocolate Infusion Amazing Meal, I would have it again on Friday... it was a perfect way to start the end of the week. I like making Fridays feel extra special. I'm cheesy like that.

I want to eat Amazing Grass products and Oikos Organic Greek Yogurt with EVERYTHING. I wish I was joking. It's getting a bit ridiculous.


Becca said...


Kathie said...

Yum Yum Gimme Some is right! *drool* It looks and sounds DEVINE!!!! I must try this stuff!!!! all of it...and mixed...JUST LIKE THAT!!! <3

Alyson said...

I've had a bunch of Amazing Grass packets in my cupboard since spring, but I never thought to get create like that. That sounds awesome. Another recipe going on my list to try in 2 weeks!