Late July Organic Snacks

Yum yum gimme some!!!

Jessica from Late July was kind enough to send me some of their mini sandwich cookies, in both Milk Chocolate and White Chocolate flavors. Thank you, Jessica!! The verdict? Absolutely delicious!! In fact, so much so that neither box survived the weekend. These mini sandwich cookies are so tasty! and you can be confident that you are consuming whole grain goodness, calcium, and organic ingredients.

My favorite flavor is the Milk Chocolate. The chocolate filling was the perfect balance to the vanilla cookie. Not too sweet, just sweet enough!

How CUTE are these cookies?! They feature seven different endangered animals. Late July Organic Snacks has teamed with the Jane Goodale Institute with 10 percent of their sale profits supporting the institute. So, not only are you eating something delicious, wholesome, and USDA Certified Organic, you are supporting a great cause -- now that's a feel good snack!

These Mini Sandwich cookies are definitely something I plan on purchasing in the future! Even my husband, who is not the biggest cookie fan, loved them!

Check out their website for more information on their products. There is also a store locater so that you can find these products near you!


Becca said...

You effer. How am I supposed to review these now!? LOL
Yeah I loved the other ones, but haven't tried the light colored ones yet.

Anonymous said...

Mmmm....cookies :) I've decided i'm NOT reveiwing anymore cookies LOL!

Amber said...

Those cookies look good. I really want to try those myself.

Kathie said...

0o0o what a great idea for Hailey!!! oh and for me of course. LOL!!

you'll have to tell me how you're getting into these product reviews. I want to do them on my blog, too.