I am a Compulsive Liar

Yeehaw! I feel special. And cold, but that's not the point.

It's that time again. The beautiful Alyson at "Nourished Fitness" and my twinnytwintwin Becca at "A Mile in These Shoes" both awarded me with the Honest Scrap Award. I have to divulge 10 truths then tag seven bloggers who I think will also tell the truth.

1. I had a muffin and bourbon balls for dinner. Diet FAIL! but it was tasty, and I am way underweight, which leads me to #2.

2. I can justify anything to myself.

3. I have to go to CVS, but I am totally procrastinating. I wonder what time they close.

4. When I blog, log, journal, email, etc., it is total word vomit, straight to my fingers... somehow all the words go straight to my fingers, completely bypassing my brain.

5. My closest girl friends are online.

6. Gone are the days that I could squat 300+ pounds multiple times without a blink or hesitation. I will get that back.

7. When I look at my last show pics, I can't believe it's me. That's not how I see myself. And, my waist is not that small, and my muscles are not that big. I don't know who's body that is, but I sure am glad that they let me borrow it for the show.

8. I do not get grossed out by "dirty" foods. I love them. I love healthy food, too, so it's all good.

9. While watching KY Muscle, I was sad that I was not competing. I am also sad that I am not doing Nationals this weekend. WTF BBQ?

10. I wear house shoes to work nearly every day... just don't tell my boss they are house shoes. I don't think he knows any better.

And, let's not discriminate! I'm gonna open this up to some non-fitness related bloggers. I follow all sorts of blogs! :) I will try not to do duplicates... this is gonna be tough!!

1. First goes to my darling, dearest friend Kathie. She keeps changing her blog name, so I'm not even gonna try to post the name because it will probably change by the time she sees the link. LOL

2. Amber at Finding Body After Baby. She's been a wonderful support system for me throughout the past couple years. She is a new mother and got back to her prepreg weight in NO TIME! Go Amber! Can't wait to see you hit that stage again!

3. Jamie at I am a Money Magnet, a fellow KY resident! Her blog was one of the first blogs I ever discovered, and her blog has helped me save so much dough!! Thanks Jamie!!

4. Dana, you've been tagged!! I got the pleasure of meeting Dana at her first show (my 2nd) at the Bluegrass Classic. She tore it up, too! I want to know more about ya, girlie!

5. Sohee, who is on a "commercial break" from blogging. I hope she suddenly finds some spare time to share some intriguing tidbits about her life. I always love her posts!

6. Melissa, a spicy ;) newlywed who loves food, fitness, and travel. An awesome chickie!


7. Last, but definitely not least, my girl Jenn, who has the dreams, aspirations, and DRIVE to become a Pro. Get it girl!! WOO! I hope to meet you on that National stage next year!!

Okay, for realz. I gotta go to CVS. I have so many bloggy ideas running through my brain, but no time! AHHHH!

Hugz! and let's make this week a great one, okay?


Becca said...

WOO! Me likey

Anonymous said...

LOL! You're awesome :) It was so great meeting you this weekend. We're only 2.5 hours from each if we meet half way!

LOVE CVS! Get some maple nut goodies while your there...wha??

Fitness Jenn said...

I'm an HONORED...and it's only right that I follow through...right!??! Stay tuned! Thanks for your random facts...you are so entertaining! LOL

Kathie said...

hahaha! I do believe my bloggy title will stay the way it is for awhile. hahaha!!!

Thanks for the honor. Guess I have a post to blog about today now after all! YEEEHAW! Love ya girl xoxo

Amber said...

Love this post Genie! And the shot out woohooo! I love reading your blog and journals. Very entertaing.