2009 Holiday Challenge

Sleighbells ring, are ya listenin'?
In the gym, sweaty guys are whistlin'.
It's a beautiful sight;
Our guts our still tight.
Walkin' in a winter wonderland.

Bet ya'll didn't know I was such a lyricist, huh? LOL! I crack myself up sometimes. :P

Today work has been AWESOMEnot. *channeling Borat* I still do not know if I have Friday off. I guess I will find out as I leave. Have I mentioned that I love my jobnot? Obviously, it is causing my brain to turn to mush.


I have decided that going sugar free and sugar-free free was not for me. I refuse to live this holiday season depriving myself of things I want. I love my sweets. I can be more mindful and not eat as much! And I can choose my sweets wisely, like sticking to natural sweet goodies like SUGAR (damn right I said sugar) and stevia... honey... etc. I don't do well with rules like "no sugar" or "no sweetener" or "no white shoes after Labor Day" because it makes me want those things.

Another reason I chose not to do the sugar-free challenge is I plan on starting prep January 1st. I will be limiting that stuff plenty then. You all are more then welcome to do this challenge, and if ya do, please keep me posted! :)

What challenge am I doing?!!

On the food front:

I'm going to start READING LABELS. HAHA! Sounds lame, huh? Well, as I was ingesting some "healthy" food, I was thinking about all the narsty chemicals I was putting into my body. Now, I'm not one to knock things. I really do believe most things are okay in moderation, but I am going to use this challenge to FUEL MY BODY with GOODNESS, not chemicals and processed crap. I want to get myself reacquainted with label reading. I always read the nutrition facts, but I just mindlessly look at the ingredients... I guess in hopes that by simply looking and not reading the list, my brain will absorb the information. So far it hasn't worked. So, I'm saying no to high fructose corn syrup, aspartame and the like, and any other ingredient that resembles this: kafjpieprmapkp. This is a bit contradictory because I am making a rule, but when do you seriously crave... uhm... Yellow Dye #5? That's what I thought.

On the fitness front:


I wish I was a little bit taller, I wish I was a baller, I wish I had a girl that looked good, I would call her... okay, maybe that last little bit isn't true.

What do I wish? Well, I've always wanted to be better at endurance! I also want to be a nimble little yogini. I have the little part down. LOL! And, Hell, let's be frank, I also want a nice set of abs. I want to be able to lift up my shirt, take a picture, send it to my friend and say Becca, I HAZ ABZ, knowing that she would understand. Because I am that lame awesome.

So, I will:

1. Begin a run/walk program... again.
2. Practice yoga 1-3 times a week
3. Do abs 2 times a week (probably pilates once and one ab workout at the gym)

Now, I CHALLENGE YOU to pick things you have always wanted to do, or set your mind on certain goals you want to achieve, and GROW SOME STINKIN' CAJONES and just go for it!! What's stopping you?

You may also steal my challenge and do exactly what I am doing. :o)

So, what's everyone gonna do to better themselves this holiday season?


Alyson said...

I'm also excited to mix up my workout routine. Yoga is on the top of the list, maybe a little pilates, and I'd like to take a dance class (lord knows I knee rhythm help :p).

Melissa Cunningham said...

yay! the challenge is up!! whoo hoo! give me a bit to think about this one,but im kindof going along simular lines as you-i too want to snap a pic of my abs and say i have Abs o steal....operation abs has officially begun!lol!
ill post soon about the plan of action....
again,thanks for posting and i hope you have a wonderful,safe and happy turkey day,full of moderation and goodness!!! :)

Dana said...

It's on. Bring it! I'm so pumped...things I want, hmmmm? Let me think....

Nicci@NiftyEats said...

Sounds like a good plan. I need to work on abs too!

Fitness Jenn said...

Yes, yes, and YES I - AM - IN!

Your challenge is exactly what I would have amde for myself anyway...except I am going to add a number 4.


For some reason when I'm not "in season" I don't eat nearly enough veggies...and it's not because I don't like them...I LOVE THEM...but I guess I just get lazy and forget? LAME EXCUSE.

Angela said...

Good challenges for yourself..i miss seeing the little abs i had...they are unfortunately gone right now...

my one goal i have for myself right now is to do one unassisted pull up by new years...lame, yes i know, but i want to...and i really want to incorporate some yoga into my days too...we shall see :)

I have the Newmans organics too..the box is still here for me to try everything....got to get on it :)

Hope you had a great thanksgiving :)

Jen said...

Love your goals... and good for you for not going sugar free, you will be doing enough of that during prep.. but chica, last time I looked, you had some sweet looking abs. I will take yours anyday over mine ; )