Orange ya glad it's Friday?

TGIF Bloggerfam!!

I had to quickly snap a pic of the food I packed this morning. It made me giggle -- everything was... ORANGE! I apologize for the poor pic quality. My digital camera was dead, and I made due with my crappy camera phone.

I must say, I have totally fallen off the wagon. Last week I went to the gym one time. I was battling the stomach flu most of the week! Then KY Muscle rolled around, so I didn't work out.

This week, I went to the gym hoarse on Monday, thinking it was just the traveling, but it really was an awful cough/cold. I'm still on the mend.

I am making tomorrow my FRESH START! I know, kinda crazy with Turkey Day around the corner, but I need my mojo back, and gosh darnit, I want it back sooner than later. Even if I am still sick tomorrow, I must do something active. MUST!

I'm also thinking some kind of challenge between Thanksgiving and Christmas would be fun, right? Kick start to the New Year? I don't know... just tossing out ideas (and trying to avoid work).

Have a fabulous weekend!! I've been a poop head all day, but I'm going to have FUN after work. Greek pizza and Guinness at one of my favorite joints! WOO HOO!


Mellissa said...

Yeah for my favorite color!

Therese said...

Eek working out if you are getting sick is the worst! A couple weeks ago I got struck with the flu like a ton of bricks and I felt even worse after my workout :(

You'll get your mojo back in no time girlie!

Becca said...

PFFT. At least you stay skinny when you are sick. I eat everything in sight.

You realize you are nuts for wanting a challenge right? YOu are going to ahve to start dieting for the Arnold in january...well, unless you stay super lean! GIRL JUST DONT GET BURNED OUT. I will beat your A$$ if you get too burned out from dieting to do nationals with me!

Anonymous said...

Yay Orange! The color of my hair :)

My goal is to get to 113 by Christmas. I KNOW I can do it. I just want chocolate while i'm doing it ;)