2009 Holiday Challenge - Day 1

It's HEEEeeeeere! Are you Crazy Cool Cats ready to reel yourselves in from the gluttony that is Thanksgiving? I know I am.

Do you have your daily or weekly goals ready? No? Get to them!

“Failing to plan is planning to fail.” - Alan Lakein

How's that for today's motto? :)

Today I will:
  1. Eat whole, unprocessed foods
  2. Lift (heavy legs day!)
  3. Cardio -- nothing strenuous, but I have to get this body moving!
  4. Drink 1.5 gallons of water
My tentative plan for the week can be found below. I have learned to not be a stickler with my plans. Life happens and you have to be able to roll with it if you want to succeed.

Week 1
(AM) Off
(PM) Legs (booty concentration!)

(AM) Off
(PM) abs; yoga

(AM) 30:00 cardio - warm-up 5:00 + alternate run 2:00/walk 3:00 for 25:00;
(PM) Chest/Shoulders; stretch

(AM) Pilates; Calves
(PM) Bis & Tris; stretch

(AM) 30:00 cardio - warm-up 5:00 + alternate run 2:00/walk 3:00 for 25:00;
(PM) Yoga

(AM) Off
(PM) Back; Stretch

(AM) 40:00 cardio - warm-up 5:00 + alternate run 2:00/walk 3:00 for 35:00; Calves
(PM) Abs & Calves; stretch

At first glance it looks like I may be hitting it a little too hard. I do not want to overtrain. I will pay close attention to how I feel. Since I am not dieting, I should have plenty of food to recover. We'll see! Also, this week is a little different. I usually have Sundays as complete rest days, but due to the holidays, I have had plenty of those. ;)

What are your daily and weekly goals?


Anonymous said...

me too! i start my challenge tomorrow! im lovin all the holiday challenges! i can't wait to see everyones outcomes! way to go staying healthy during this time of year!! woohoo!

Anonymous said...

I started my challenge Friday and i'm down 3 lbs already :)

I keep a tab of all my workouts too and when I look at it I think how the heck am I still able to move?

Christina said...

I started a challenge of sorts with myself yesterday too. Nothing fancy or specific, but just to use each day the best I can and taking care of my health. So basically - avoid the overeating, get in some movement, and be productive. LOL

My planned workouts this week look like yours too. I normally take Sundays off but got in a workout today since I took Wed-Fri off this past week. LMAO

starya80 said...

Hey Genie - wheee I found you. lol I'm not a stalker...okay, a little. I always like to see what you are up too and you're a fun gal!

I love your holiday challenge and how you always have daily and weekly goals. I am going to work on that. I think it's great to look at your daily goals and work them into the weekly/ monthly/ long term goals. I tend to get goals that don't mesh together. HA

I need to explore the blog world one of these days.

Krissa said...

I love the challenge. Good idea. Will post about my challenge on my blog.

I LOVE YOUR CAT! She is adorable.

Have you ever done P90X yoga? It is my favorite yoga video and I have several. The first 45 minutes are pretty challenging and I am sweating. Then there is another 45 minutes that I usually dont do :)

Good luck with your goals.