Didn't live up to the hype!

Do you ever look forward to a meal... I mean, REALLY REALLY look forward to a meal? I was excited about dinner tonight, but it was missing something.

Spinach and mushrooms sauteed in garlic and olive oil, topped with garlic & herb goat cheese and grilled chicken. On the side, spicy sweet potato fries. I could eat those all day long! :)


HERMITS! Newman's Own Organics chewy soft molasses raisin cookies. I wub these. I finished off the bag tonight. *sniff sniff* I didn't see them at my local store, but I am definitely keeping and eye out for them. I love brown sugar, molasses, sorghum... that kinda sweet sticky stuff. I guess it's the Southern in me.


Come clooooooserrrrr

They are calorie dense per cookie, but they are packed with flavor and goodness. I try to limit myself to two in one sitting.


Christina said...

I'm confused! What didn't live up to the hype?? Your dinner looked uh-mazing! Don't know why since it's so simple....but all things I love so yum yum in my book. :D

Anonymous said...

I think I saw the hermits here at Kroger. I'll check again tomorrow since i'm in there everyday. I dont care for the raisins in there. Other than that mollasses reminds me of being a kid.

I spy goat cheese YUM!

Genie said...

Hey TINA! The chx, veg, goat cheese concoction was missing something. I don't know what. It was good, but it wasn't as good as I built it up in my head! LOL!

Hi APE! The raisins are my favorite part!! :)

Becca said...

Yum, goat cheese!! The little thigns we can't have during prep...I love it.

EFFER. I need to stop procrastinating on my Newman's own reviews before you beat me to all of them.LOL

Now who's the blogging machine?

Jessica said...

Me too! Thanks to my hubby opening almost every package, I, too, have sampled almost everything in the box! Love the hermits! nom nom nom