When I met Sally

Words are not coming to me today. I must be in a food coma.

Dinner has been served. I have eaten at least four times my bodyweight. It only sounds like a lot. I don't weigh much. Bwah! I am sitting here unwinding with my dad, father-in-law, mother-in-law, husband, and a glass of my favorite egg nog... Evan Williams pre-mixed is where it's at. I think this is the fourth (or fifth?) open bottle in 24 hours. The men have been throwing it down the hatch. They made me go out late last night to restock. I am having my first glass of the day! FABULOUS!

My belly has been full and happy today. Yesterday my belly was happy as well... because I ate a little too many Newman's Own Organics goodies. Oopsy!

I came home on Tuesday to a shaved cat and a box full of Newman's Own Organics. Oh boy!

Miss Kitty approves!

How stinking cute is she? I love my cuddly kitty!

Kissy kissy!

I totally look alien-ish in this pic! It does not look like me at all!

ANYWAYS! Back to Newman's Own Organics!

Sally from NOO was kind enough to send me a box of goodies. Thanks Sally! I must also say that Sally is one of those people you just like to get email from. There is just something about her. So, Sally, if you are reading this, thanks for the goodies, and thank you for being you!

Oh yeah, I am easily sidetracked today... back to the review. ;)

As I was unpacking the bounty, I heard a *RIP* then a *CRUNCH*... Seth had already found his way into a bag of soy crisps. I told him that if he was gonna eat the WHOLE bag, he was gonna have to write the review. I had a couple crisps, but I foresee a Seth guest post in the future! LOL!

What did I find that caught my attention?! Oh. My. Goodness. You MUST try Newman's Own Organics Mint Creme Filled Chocolate Cookies. MUST. These little guys are perfect! Seriously! It's like an Oreo made with wholesome ingredients, and they punched the flavor up a notch with mint goodness. Hint-O-Mint is RIGHT!!! These Newman-O's have made me a customer for like -- no joke!

Let's take a look at the label:

Guys, please remember, THIS IS A COOKIE. This is a treat. So what if it doesn't have the nutritional breakdown of 100g of celery and a side of boiled chicken breast? It's a COOKIE. LOL! I'm cool with the macronutrients on these. I can work them into my meal plan. I like that I get two cookies in a serving, and the sugar content is not crazy crazy high. There a many protein bars out there with more than 10g of sugar per serving.

Mmmmm coookies.

I can't wait to tell you about the other Newman's Own Organics products I have tried. They have been fabulous, and, if you are a mint chocolate fan like me, then these are sure to please!

You can find out more about Newman-Os here.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! :)


Angela said...

I want to shave my cat :) That is great!!!!

Kathie said...

Poor kitty all shaved. :(

Mmmm..cant wait to try these.

Yes! Sally is AWESOME!!! So sweet!

Jen said...

Poor Ms. Kitty : ( .. I'm tempted to shave my cat at times.. Franky looks a lot like your Ms. Kitty and he sheds like crazy...

I loves Newman O's... have you tried the gingerbread flavor in that cookie?... delish is all I can say and perfect for this time of year. I try not to keep stuff like that around the house cause I can't eat just one or two cookies.