Menu Planning Monday - No Leftovers!

Anyone else sick of turkey?! I know I am!

This week I went to the grocery store without a shopping list or any idea of what I was cooking. Dangerous! We were also quite low on many essentials. Oh well, such is life!

Monday: chicken breast; sautéed mushrooms and spinach topped with garlic & herb goat cheese; sweet potato wedges

Tuesday: beef & broccoli over brown rice

Wednesday: chicken & brown rice soup (crockpot - using leftover chicken and brown rice); I may make some fresh spelt rolls to go along with it, depending on if I am completely exhausted.

Thursday: oven fried pork topped with chipotle gouda; asparagus; baked potato

Friday: spaghetti on whole wheat pasta (hubby) or corn pasta (me!)

Saturday: venison stew; cornbread

Sunday: homemade pizza - recipe to be determined :)

For more menu ideas, hop on over to I'm and Organizing Junkie's Menu Planning Monday!


Jen said...

Girl, you crack me up... I love your goals.. I have mine all laid out too and I hope to stick to them but I will give myself a little room too if I don't.. I actually started my challenge on Friday and so far so good.. Going to check out right now.. I make lists of list so this will be right up my alley.

Cook'n said...

This is fantastic! I love this blog. i have been trying menu planning for the last several weeks and i am getting a pretty good start. Have a fantastic holiday season