Shakin' in mah bootz!

Gah!! Nationals this weekend... WOW!!

First, let me announce that I would make a terrible, terrible NPC judge. LMAO!

Second, holy macaroni, I would have got my ass stomped, then trampled, then kicked to crap at Nationals this weekend. I was sad that I wasn't competing, but yowzah! These girls look ah-mazing! Phew! I got my work cut out for me... but that is okay. I like having goals and having spots to build on. It makes my workouts seem that much more important.

Shoulders, yes, I have them, but not like these girls. Back, eh, I need more V! For some reason I have bigger and better front lats than back lats. Maybe this is a posing issue. Third, I suffer from noassitol. No ass at all. LOL!

I see a lot of posing issues that I need to fix, too, but that is okay. That is "easy" and totally in my control... just takes practice... something that I do not do much of when it comes to posing.

Building has begun. I need it. Hopefully I will have enough time to build in the remaining month so that I can begin dieting January 1 to hit the stage early early Spring. Now, this also means that I can't gain much fat. I don't know how much I will be able to build these areas up without packing on the poundage, not that more fat means more muscle... Ahhh, the contradictory thoughts flying through my measly brain. :-D

So, tomorrow begins clean eats, more eats, but still clean. I do have some "dirties" that I need to eat up, but (hehehe) that should not be a problem. After Turkey Day I plan on beginning my "challenge"... I'm debating between a sugar-free (all sweeteners) challenge or a challenge more on the workout front... like pick something you don't usually do and do it 1-3 times a week (I would pick yoga & pilates). I don't know. If you would be interested in joining such a challenge, lemme know in a comment... perhaps I will draw something up more official. I'd love to include my bloggerfam in this, instead of just doing a challenge all by my sad, lonesome self *sniff* *sniff*. Do I get any sympathy challenge-joiners for that? I would like some cheese with that wine... I mean, whine. Ha!

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! I spent mine in the basement... doing renovations... more like demo. Man, it is a mess down there!!

Let's make this week a great one! Press towards your goals! You can do anything you put your mind to... well, for the most part. Please don't jump out a window thinking you can fly because you put your mind to it. :)


Anonymous said...

You never know, the judges might have liked your look? Those girls are amazing huh? You have what it takes to hang with those girls Genie, keep at it!

I say go for the workout challenge. Who wants to give up stevia?

Melissa Cunningham said...

allright! im in for the challenge-i too,am starting training up againg in the early spring,and i need something to kick my arse back into gear!!!!
and btw,i agree with april-you DO have what it takes to hang with "those girls" and to make it to the top....i am sensing an IFBB pro card in the near future!!

Visionquester said...

Umm... I saw your pic below. You would have placed, no doubt. Probably won.

Amazingly beautiful!

Jen said...

One of the things that I admire about you is that you always set out to finish what you started and you always make it happen.. Chica, you will rock the stage in the spring, I just know it.. : ) I agree with one of the above posters, i would not be surprised if you got your IFBB Pro Card in the near future. Yes, You look that good.

I'm all for a challenge. While I doubt competing will ever be in my future, a marathon is and my goal is to lose about 15 lbs by March so that I can be faster. I plan on starting my diet and a new training program the Sunday after Thanksgiving. I'm taking a much needed training break this week.. Just last Friday I posted some goals in my blog and last night I really dug deep and set the bar kind of high in my personal journal...So count me in Genie : )

Genie said...

APE: I get intimidated on the local level... I will probably pass out when I hit that national stage! LOL!!

I may do a combo challenge. For me, even stevia makes me want more and more sweets.

Yay MELISSA! Glad I have another person up for a challenge. It's so easy to get side tracked during the holidays.

And, OMG, thank you. That would be a dream... and quite frankly, something I had never even thought about until recently.

C: Are you just being nice? LOL! I don't see a win... placing would be amazing. Thank you!

JEN: Thanks so much girlie!!

Best of luck with your marathon training. I will be following along. :)

Becca said...

You already know what I say.
I am just leaving love in the form of intrawebz so you can know I read dis.

Genie said...

Go Team Interwebz

Genie said...


Fitness Jenn said...

I'm in for a challenge! And you WILL BE an IFBB PRO!!!!!!!!!! YOU DEFINITELY HAVE IT IN YOU!

Fitjulie said...

Genie, I am already planing on the no sugar / no sweeteners challenge after Turkey Day, so if you do that, you can count me IN! Sweeteners make me crave like crazy. The only way I can stick to eating clean is to never eat them. :)