Menu Planning Monday - 03.08.10

Wow! What a whirlwind weekend filled with many failed adventures. Ayayaya. My Arnold experience was a big ol' Flop this weekend! Yep, that's a capital F right there! Anyways, live and learn. If this would've been my first Arnold weekend, I would have been highly disappointed, but it wasn't, so it's all good!

Monday: Chicken, saffron rice, Brussels sprouts
Tuesday: Pork tenderloin, wheat buns OR Ezekiel bread, broccoli (I may try to make a mustard based BBQ sauce for the pork! YUM!)
Wednesday: Hubby's choice! It's his birthday!! The big 3-1! LOL! He probably won't like that I shared that tidbit of age information. HA!
Thursday: Chicken enchiladas, refried beans, salad
Friday: Turkey meatball subs on light wheat buns or Ezekiel bread, asparagus
Saturday: Birthday party for hubby!! Again, his choice of food.
Sunday: Steaks on the grill! baked potato, side salad (YUM!)

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Anonymous said...

Tell us about the flops!

This Arnold was a weak one IMO.