WOW! Today was totally busy. I did not get to sit on my sorry ass until... uhm... 10:00. Didn't I just say that I need to start making time to breathe? All aboard the #FAIL train, round two!

Here's what I ate! I had a lot of frankenfoods today! They are comforting and easy to pack. I haz no shame.

I ate these Apple Cinnamon Protein Mini Muffins before noon. They were supposed to be my pre-workout meal (at 4:00PM).

and more Chocolate (not so) Salty Balls.

That pic is DISGUSTING! No recipe for these... because you don't want it. Really. Edible. That's about it.

I went to CVS at lunch to roll my Extra Care Bucks. Lucky for me Arizona Diet Green Tea w/ Ginseng AND their Pure Protein Chocolate Peanut Butter bars were on sale. I LOVE Pure Protein bars. They are tasty, under 200 cals, AND low in sugars! Sugar alcohols don't count. :P

**insert jumbled mess of a day here**

Workout, done!
Extra cardio, done!

**insert jumbled mess of an evening here**

It's all behind me. Sometimes work is stressful, and while nothing bad or wrong happened, I'd rather not think about it.

For dinner (PWO) I had some dry rub bbq chicken (on the Foreman), chipotle mashed potatoes, AND broiled green beans... cooked a little too long, but that's the way I like'em!

**more work errands... more mess**

I am not gonna lie. The taters were a box mix from Aldi. I suspect wheat in those bad boys as my tummy is feeling a bit raw right now -- kinda like I gently rubbed my insides with a not-too-coarse piece of sandpaper.

My nightcap: Dymatize Elite Whey in Vanilla, 1/4t xanthan gum, a generous amount of Saigon cinnamon, and two heaping tablespoons of Splenda, blended with ice and water into this frothy, creamy, concoction.

It is quite possible that my unhappy stomach is due to the amount of protein powder I ingested today and not wheat that may or may not be in my mashed tater mix. The food was all tasty, though! No regrets! I'll just try to be more mindful next time.

See y'all tomorrow!! I'm really excited about tomorrow's food!! YAY!


Melissa Cunningham said...

reading your post made me tired girl!!!
but proud of you for getting things done (other than slowing down a bit-lol!!!)
anyways, i absolutly LOVE pure protien bars and they are a staple in my pre AND post comp meal plans....
why havent more ppl picked up on them?

Becca said...


I had one for 'breakfast' today. You are just copying me now. lol.
PS LOVE the whole milkshake out of wine glass thing. I TOTALLY DO THAT TWINNY!

Fitness Jenn said...

I don't have a "real" blender and have been too lazy to pull out the HUGE magic bullet express I have (not the little tiny one...I used that one too much and I think it died! LOL) but I bet if I did mix my protein with ice and other fun stuff I'd enjoy it much more.

Pure Protein - I'm a fan! I think they taste like candy bars so I try not to get them too much lol. I think my favorite one is the s'mores one!!!