Frugal Friday - Mock Syrup

Whaddup party peeps! I am feeling better by the hour! WOOP! As promised, although late, here's my Mock Syrup recipe! I LOVE Walden's Farm pancake water syrup. I don't love the hefty price tag of $3+ per bottle... the bottle isn't even big! So, I attempted to make my own, with great success! I may try adding a thickening agent next time! I like gooey syrup better than pancake water!

1c Splenda (or other sucralose sweetener)
1c boiling water
1/2 tablespoon Mapeline extract
1 teaspoon butter extract

1) Dump ingredients into boiling water.
2) Remove from heat.
3) Stir to dissolve.

If you need instructions on how to boil water, well, you're just S-O-L! :o)

I keep it in a twisty-lid container in the fridge. Enjoy!


Becca said...

You have been holding out!! I haz make tonight! WHOOP!!

Anonymous said...


Melissa Cunningham said...

augh! i made pancakes last night for dinner and would have LOVED this recipe then!
oh well,will def try it next time-sounds GOOD,says the hongry hongry pregnant lady!

Jessica said...

Sounds fantastic!!

Tasha said...

It would help if I knew what mapeline extract is LOL Can I get it in the same aisle as other extracts?

Genie said...

TASH: Right next to the vanilla extracts, etc!

Sarah said...


You just saved my life and my wallet. Seriously during prep I went through two bottles of WF syrup per week! Ack!

I love to marinade my chicken with the syrup, garlic powder and Ginger powder. It tastes like some sort of amazing asian chicken. Even my co workers say it smells GREAT, which is a lot coming from them! haha.