Morning!!! (almost afternoon!!!) I have been a hangry chica today!! I'm sitting here chug-a-lugging on my H to the izzo (okay, that was lame), and chomping on my Cinnamint Orbit gum. nomnomnom.

I had another crazy day yesterday... I finally got settled down after 11PM *cries*.

Here's what we had for dinner...


That's beans and rice, garlic chicken sausage (I chopped a couple up and left two whole), sliced mushrooms, some extra chicken broth... It was SALTY! I ate my tiny helping on a bed of baby spinach with cheddar rice shreds, red onions, and HOT SAUCE (not pictured).

I think almost everything tastes better in salad form... except cake... and cookies... and peanut butter.

After dinner, I tended to 4 pounds of chicken breast that were beginning to look a bit pale. Fired up the Foreman and drenched those puppies in my favorite BBQ seasoning. Then I let the seasoning burn... I think it tastes better that way. Hubby agrees! :D

Played with my new sharp shiny objects...

I must say, I surprisingly prefer the cute little orange Asian chopper that I used on my chicken two days ago... maybe I just like it because it's Asian, so I automatically felt a close bond with it... or maybe not.

This big ol' (new) knife got the job done, though! I think it will take a little while to get used to...

I wilted enough cabbage down for the rest of the week. Phew.

This morning I had a helluva time prying myself out of bed for a.m. cardio, but I did it... after chugging down my current pre-cardio concoction!

That's a mixture of Crystal Light and Kool-Aid (made w/ Splenda) in the back. I mix all the stuff together the night before so that the chunks of BCAA have time to dissolve... I don't want to drink it in this state:


After my super low intensity cardio sesh (upping the intensity is next week's goal!), I had a berry Amazing Grass + vanilla whey + coffee concoction... I added a bit of Splenda, too! It was actually quite tasty!

Brekkie numero dos was a baby food squash + oat bran + egg white + Splenda + cinnamon bun protein powder + mapeline extract + butter extract + vanilla extract + cinnamon + pumpkin pie spice PANCAKE! That's a lot of ingredients! It sure was tasty, though! I like putting the maple extract IN stuff.. it's like pancake syrup built right in! LOL!

I had this for breakfast #3. It was supposed to be lunch #1, but I was hangry.

Wilted cabbage + bbq grilled chicken + olive oil mayo! I don't know why I love this concoction as much as I do!

PHEW! Longest. Post. Ever.

Thanks for the feedback on the dress I posted yesterday! My coupon code did not work, so I'm not getting it. :( I can't justify spending $100 on a dress I will only wear one time. I would feel guilty... anyone else do that?

I have some reviews coming up soon! See ya later alligator!


Melissa Cunningham said...

those pancakes look soooo good!!!my lunch of non fried chicken fried rice and veggies didnt do thr trick....
can you ship some here?


Kathie said...

you have me wanting cabbage and bbq chicken. LOL! think i might have to make some this weekend!

Jessica said...

MMmmmm... Cabbage. I like to stir a little yellow mustard or spicy brown into mine. :)