Feelin' Fruity!

Hey peeps! Long time no see! LOL! Guess what I got? :-D A handy dandy new memory card, because my old one died on me. I think I had that bad boy for about ten years, so whatever. I got plenty of use out of it! Anyways... back to my NEW memory card. Have you heard of the Eye-Fi?! So far, it's been awesome! I take pics and magically wirelessly, it transmits the pics to my computer AND to my online photo-thingamabob of choice! Two words: BAD ASS! I love it!

Anyways, this new addition to my technological bag of goodies got me thinking... I LOVE food blogs. I love food. I love blogs. It's just a natural progression I suppose. SOOOoooo, do you see where this is going? Figure Competitor turns Food Blogger! LOL! I'm in prep so my meals may be boring.


Breakfast (all meals before noon!)

A delicious protein pancake!

  • All the Whey in Cinnamon Bun
  • A boatload of raisins
  • liquid egg whites
I topped it with a homemade sugar-free no calorie syrup and I Can't Believe It's Not Butter spray! Uhm, DELICIOUS!! Although, it's ugly. LOL!

This was loaded with raisiny goodness! I LOVE raisins!

The next thing in my belly was a pouch of salmon and a couple of grapefruits! Yes, a couple! I could eat them at every meal. Seriously, I have an addiction to these two things! I have both of them almost daily!

And, because I'm lazy, I will show you a little trick...

I cut a lot of stuff on parchment paper...

You see, this way I can just crumple up the paper, filled with the crap that needs discarded.

No mess! Although, all that paper might be bad for the environment. :-/ I guess it's a sacrifice I am willing to make at this point in my life. ;) Paper is biodegradable, right? LOL!

I also had several cups of Sumatra coffee... One of my favs!

So, there ya have it!! Maybe I'll see you after lunch!


Melissa Cunningham said...


Kathie said...

GH! OK, I think I NEED to have one of these cards!

Becca said...

I want one of those cards, too! So it's like, bluetooth?

I kind of food blogged my last prep but truth be told, it was too much work. WOULD BE LESS WORK if I had a handy dandy memory card fo-sho!

amanda103 said...

I hear ya on the grapefruit sister! I buy those babies in bulk! hehe! Sprinkle a little stevia on it and you're good to go!

Genie said...


OMG! KATHIE!! You do! You would LOVE it!!! I got mine off Amazon using my Swagbucks gift cards. :)

Hey BECCA! You have this little wireless transmitter that hooks into a USB port. That is how the card communicates with your computer. AWESOME!

Hi AMANDA!! I'm so glad I'm not the only one! I just peel them like and orange and eat the sections! I think I'm weird, though... I don't know anyone else that does that! LOL!

Dr. TriRunner said...

HOMEMADE sugar free syrup?? Woa - can you share that one?! My email is drtrirunner@gmail.com!

Anonymous said...

you are funny...anddddd i love grapefruits!!!