Ten steps back

Ugh. What a gluttonous weekend. I'm definitely having eater's remorse. I feel like I took 3 weeks of progress away. I hit an all time low on the scale weight this weekend, followed by a weight I hadn't seen in a couple weeks. Diet #FAIL. BOO! What's done is done. I can and will do better from here on out! :-D

I scored some major loot this weekend! My dad spoiled me rotten!

WOO hoo!! Two containers of Lean Dessert, Chocolate Fudge and Whipped Vanilla! I love the Vanilla!!, two Amazing Grass Superfoods, and a sack full of multis! I AM SET!!

My dad owns a sharpening shop (creatively named The Sharpening Shoppe LOL!!), so I get spoiled with sharp objects. :-D

I'm going to keep the lid on this bad boy until prep is over! I can't wait to bake with it! or drizzle it on homemade biscuits... just sayin'!

Seth got his belated birthday present...

A LITER bottle of Ed Hardy vodka!! We taste tested it last night... TWO HUGE THUMBS UP! This is some smooth vodka! You couldn't even taste it mixed w/ light cranberry juice.

Swan Song

I bet you all are wondering what I ate that caused me such grief and bloat?! Well, Saturday started off well. I knew we were going to Red Lobster, and I was prepared. I even ordered a dessert to split (without guilt)... but when we returned home, my dad corked a bottle of this...

It was just okay. I didn't love it. Anyways, wine led to lower inhibitions, which led to my hand continuously being in the jar of mixed nuts that my dad ever-so-conveniently leaves out at all times... right next to the fun sized Milky Way and Snickers bars. Let's just say that I have no willpower when it comes to nuts or chocolate.

On the way home the next day, we stopped at the mall so Seth could spend some of his birthday money. I didn't see anything I liked... I rarely do! I'm picky and cheap. That doesn't leave me with many options! LOL! We did stop at Whole foods, and I got some of my favorites and some munchies for the way back (It's a long drive!)...

Anyone else LOVE Whole Foods guacamole? I am a sucker for good guac!! I need to start making it at home! Seth picked up some cheese Snikkidy's (LOVE these!) and we dipped it in the guac to tie us over! We also split some spicy salmon and brown rice sushi.

Okay, okay, looking back, maybe I didn't do THAT bad, but I'm supposed to be PREPPING!

But wait, there's more...

Halfway home we had to stop and get gas. I got some beverages and a Cow Tale just for good measure. I also got one for Seth... so I wouldn't feel as guilty eating one alone. LMAO!

So, there you have it. I'm four pounds up this morning! SHEESH! I'll be upping the water and watching the sodium today! Flush that water weight out!

Oh, this book caught my attention at the book store... Have any of you read it? I'm intrigued!

This post is way too long. I'm cutting myself off! Have a great week, y'all!!


Becca said...

Gah!! OMG!
it's worse than I expected. LOL. However we know you are already looking fabulous and I know you probably took in little bites but didn't OVEREAT all of that stuff...
I am most jealous of the free Amamazing Grass and BSN Lean Dessert...and the papaya of course!
Ok, so maybe we are closer in weight now after you splurge and my dieting all weekend (Feta cheese, chocolate chip cookie aside....)

Oh twinny, what are we doing!?!?

Melissa Cunningham said...

augh!try not to stress too much about it! you know how to get rid of the water weight!!!
just get back on the wagon and hang tighht until AFTER prep....

Anonymous said...

What the heck is that orange thing? That picture is funny looking :)

Fitness Jenn said...

Should we also do weekend suprise texts..."So....what are you eating right now???" LOL

I haven't read that book but I saw the guy who wrote it interviewed on tv and i was like OMG I WANT TO READ THAT! (But, haven't come across it yet.)

Yes, wine (let me rephrase that) TOO MUCH wine does that to me too...munch, munch, munch...HOLY CRAP I ATE HOW MUCH!??!

Get on the wagon girl and STAY ON IT! You have a Nationals to W-I-N!

Alyson said...

omg, Whole Foods Guac is Amazing, that and their Pico de Gallow.. wait what am I saying, everything there is amazing! And no worries chica, you know it can be fixed, lots time!

Anonymous said...

Beanie! I didn't know you were prepping!

You hardly ate anything to really worry about it seems, how far out are you now?