Gone Fish'n

I apparently can't follow a plan to save my life... not even a simple dinner menu.

Switch it, change it, rearrange it.

We had fish tacos! My tacos consisted of pollock grilled with lemon pepper, romaine, red onions, black bean & corn salsa, and cheddar flavored rice shreds. I slathered a mixture of olive oil mayo and lime on my corn tortillas prior to taco construction. Pollock may be my least favorite fish, but these tacos were quite tasty!

For dessert...

Chocolate (not so) Salty Balls!! LOL! No, but for real, I attempted to make a low carb, chocolate protein cookie. The macros are on point. The taste is okay to good. The texture and appearance... are a big friggin' FAIL! These were made from BSN Vanilla, egg whites, ANPB, Splenda, and vanilla extract.

We just finished the Nip/Tuck finale. I'm a bit sad it's over. It didn't seem like an ending... a grand finale, KWIM?


Becca said...

The Nip/Tuck Finale was like 2 weeks ago. LMAO! Ok. Tim and I totally thought it sucked. BOO BEWB.

Please send me recipie for chocolate salty balls. LOL I dont care what they look like. Oh i am going make/bake/take pics of peanut butter cookies TONIGHT! WOO!!

PS. Olive Mayo? looks like a lot of goodies that ARENT in my macros. BOOB