Naturally More

What Peanut Butter Should Be

Uhm, they aren't lying! This stuff is AWESOME! Amazing!! So good that in just a couple days I have almost demolished the ENTIRE jar! I did have some help from my hubby. ;)

Amanda over at Naturally More was kind enough to send me a jar to review! Thanks Amanda!! It's WONDERFUL! You may have made me a customer for life!

My first impression... Lower in fat AND higher in protein that plain ol' peanut butter?! I can dig it!!

50% More Fiber
25% More Protein
20% Fewer Carbs
No Trans Fats

Not as much of a fat drop as I would have liked in my current nut butter craving calorie restricted state, but I'll take it!! Plus, if you look closely, the serving size is a wee bit bigger!! Although only a few extra grams larger, those few grams of extra food make me happy! :)

I love the addition of wheat germ, flaxseed, and flaxseed oil!! What a great way to up your fiber and vary your fat intake. One of the main reasons I limit nut butters while restricting calories is I like to vary my fat sources. I'm liking that Naturally More is more than just peanuts. And I like the subtle crunch! So far, so good!!

Looking closer at the ingredient list, of course, the cane sugar and honey caught my eye. Since there are only 2g of sugar per serving, I don't mind the sweet addition one bit! That hint of sweetness really tastes great!

And egg whites... well, what's not to like about egg whites?! :D

There you have it, Naturally More gets two thumbs WAY up from me!! If I had three thumbs, I'd give it three thumbs up... but three thumbs would just be weird... I can't imagine trying to blog/type with three thumbs. ;)

I enjoyed some last night on top of a chocolate whey cake!! It really HIT THE SPOT!

So, now that you want a jar, hop on over to the Naturally More website and check out the Store Locater or even buy it online! There is a ton of great info on their products, nutrition, testimonials... Check it out! :) I see Naturally More Almond Butter! I definitely want to try that!!


Kathie said...

LOVE this stuff! Plan to do my review on it soon. Probably sooner than later since it's been waiting for a review for a few weeks. LOL! I'm so bad.

Fitness Jenn said...

I couldn't agree with you MORE (LOL get it haha) But I have to keep that stuff FAR AWAY from me because I simply CAN'T CONTROL it BY FAR THE BEST TASTING PB I've ever had...I love the slight "crunch" to it too...I WILL eat the whole jar with a spoon...OMG SO GOOD!

Melissa Cunningham said...

yup,i had to hide this stuff in the back of the fridge during prep-if i didnt,the whole jar would be gone in 10 min. LOL!!!

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