Allergic to Irish

I'm kidding, I'm kidding! I actually have a bit of Irish in me... I think... not that it matters. LOL!

Anyways, work was SO SO SO very busy that I wasn't able to get my sneezing butt in here to post my evening meals. I have been sneezing, itching, my nose is a faucet, throat is achey from snot drainage (LOVELY!)... you get the picture! I skipped my P90x date with the hubby (he wasn't feeling well, either!), came home and laid on the bed in CHILLS! I think it was actually cold in the house, though. Hubs is weird and likes to freeze me out.

Here's how my meals went down after my morning eats... I actually was so busy at work that I didn't get to eat it all!

So... I packed all of this for the afternoon...

That's another two grapefruits right thurrrrr... I have a problem. :) AND another pack of salmon. I love it!! and $0.98 at Wal-Mart!! But, I was in the mood for some junk food! That's what stress does to me. :-D

What did I actually eat? Well, the stress of work made me want CHOCOLATE! Okay, so I always want chocolate, but today I caved! I stopped by my favorite gas station and got a Pure Protein Revolution bar and some crack Cherry Coke Zero.

I LOVE Cherry Coke Zero! I try to limit them to Wednesdays (as a reward for a rough day at work! LOL! They are always HELL!) and Fridays... because it's Friday! hehe

Later I had time to pick through my Tupperware concoction of Garlic Chicken Sausage, baby Portabella mushrooms, green beans, and cauliflower roasted in chipotle pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, chili powder, and cumin. YUM! I only ate the sausage and a couple of shrooms. BOO!

Tonight I came home feeling sick, exhausted, and so stressed out I thought I was gonna hurl! No joke! I've never felt like THAT before! Seth was asleep on the couch. We both decided on Subway. Wheat and I don't get along, especially in large quantities, daily... but I seem to tolerate it okay on occasion. I love Subway! I ate a 6" turkey on honey oat with ALL the veggies!! I chased it down with a Diet Coke the size of my head!

Seriously, I don't usually drink this much pop! I promise! LOL! Today was an exception!

I know. I am not normal. My eating habits and behaviors do not fall under the figure competitor category. #FAIL.

I also chased it down with a generic Benadryl and 4oz. of my favorite wine. The Benadryl has really helped my allergy symptoms. THANK YOU ANTI-HISTAMINES! And the wine, well, what's someone with a little Irish in them supposed to do on St. Patty's Day? hehehe

**No. I do not pay attention to drug warning labels. LOL! I'm sure you probably aren't supposed to mix alcohol and Benadryl, but pffft.

Barefood Moscato, you are my hero. The best part is I will have plenty left over for a glass during tomorrow's UK game. The hubs was able to pour THREE of those big ass Guinnesses into a mason jar. Uhm... I've heard of double fisting, but... triple fisting? Us Kentucky folk are KLASSY!

Speaking of UK fans, did you all fill out your NCAA brackets? I'm sure you all know who I'm routing for!!

GO BIG BLUE!! uhm... blue as in Kentucky, not Kansas... or Duke... although I do like Duke... just not more than Kentucky! :P


Therese said...

Don't hate me but I have Kentucky losing in the elite 8 :)

I'm sure my Florida Gators don't stand much of chance though...

If my husand could put 8 beers in one of those hats with a straw he would do it so don't feel bad lol.