When oops = awesome!

MORNING PEEPS!! This morning was a struggle! I woke up congested, groggy, and my throat hurts like a mofo. I'm still thinking it's from sinus drainage. I love the warm weather, but man does it have me sneezing! and itching... you get the point. I woke up late, chugged down my coffee, and incline walked on the treadmill for thirty minutes, laptop in hand, planning my meals for the day.

My girl Jenn had a kitchen mishap the other day that ended up awesome. I had one during breakfast this morning. I had fully intended on having pancakes slathered in coconut oil and drenched in blueberry syrup. As my pancake was cooking, I went to the freezer to get my berries... but we were all out! So, in a brief moment of panic, I went to the cupboard and grabbed the first thing that wasn't too, too carby -- squash baby food! I mixed it in the pancake, and ended up with this:

Cinnamony Squash Oat Bran! My pancake base was simply egg whites and oat bran. I smooshed that all around with my pureed squash (which I like more than canned pumpkin! and baby food is cheaper and comes in individual portions!) and topped it with my beloved Saigon cinnamon, homemade sugar-free syrup (I will post this recipe later. I just need to find the exact measurements.), and some homemade all natural peanut butter. SO GOOD! I will be having this again soon!

For meal number two...


I'm really excited about lunch. I made some chocolate Amazing Grass muffins for pre-workout fuel. I'll let ya know how they turn out! If they're good, I will definitely post the recipe! :)

Later dudes! Let's make today a great one!


Anonymous said...

yum! can't wait for this recipe!!

Melissa Cunningham said...

YUMMMMMM! i was smart this time and ate lunch before i started browsing blogs..LOL!!!
let us know how the new recipe turns out!