Menu Planning Monday - 03.01.10

OH YEAHHHH!! I love new months, especially when they fall on Mondays!! YEEHAW! What perfect timing to get back on a blogging schedule (I hope!). I am not making any promises, though! LOL! I'm BAAaaad with sticking to schedules!

This menu is kinda sorta short! We are going out of town this weekend -- ARNOLD BOUND! Are you going?

Week of 03.01.10
Monday: Garlic chicken sausage, Ezekiel bread, coleslaw
Tuesday: Salmon, brown rice, snap peas
Wednesday: Crockpot chili, roasted Brussels sprouts
Thursday: Crockpot pulled pork, whole wheat bun for the hubby and Ezekiel bread for me, green beans
Friday: -- ON THE ROAD -- I foresee cold chicken and green beans in my future. :)
Saturday: Pad Thai (out of town) <-- this has been on our want list for months. We can't get it at home. I am so excited!
Sunday: Who knows! :)

For more menu ideas, head on over to OrgJunkie's Menu Planning Monday!


Jolie said...

I have got to try to make the crock pot pulled pork :)

Therese said...

Mmm cold chicken and green beans lol. Hey you do whatcha gotta do!