Yo!! Today's usually a high stress day at work, so I came prepared with the foliage!

I woke up bright and early and mustered through 30 minutes of easy cardio. I have issues with cardio, especially morning cardio. I need to start upping the intensity.

Afterwards, I enjoyed a delicious Dymatize Vanilla + Berry Amazing Grass shake. It hit the spot!

While it was scrumptious, it didn't keep me full for long. Thankfully I have a boatload of veggies with me!

For my midmorning snack, I munched on a tuna pouch (not pictured) and some random Asian slaw I concocted last night. It was magically delicious! :D

Cabbage, red onions, a slivered apple, toasted Asian sesame dressing, and freshly cracked black pepper... all shook up! YUM!


I need a dress by next weekend! Not too stuffy, not too frou-frou (I hate frou-frou!)... I want something easy but put together. Have you all seen anything good lately? I don't shop often enough to know what's out there! Hopefully I will be back after lunch with some ideas... and maybe a poll!

See ya then!! Make today great!!


Angela said...

you can never go wrong with a little black dress ;)

Fitness Jenn said...

FYI - since you are frugal like me check out: for ANYTHING you need...everything is only $15! It's hit or miss though cause sometimes they only have XL or XXS...but it's worth checking out!