OOF!!! I totally crashed and burned last night. I felt like I got hit by a MAC truck. I wish it were a M.A.C. cosmetics truck. The boys were hootin' and hollerin' watching the UK game (which you would have thought would have been a close game if you heard the raucous coming from the living room), while I took a hot Red Velvet Cake bubble bath. Afterwards, I laid in bed and Tweeted and caught up on e-mails from my iTouch.

This may be one of my least favorite Philosophy scents. I adore the other ones I have tried, but their chocolate scents do not do it for me.

Anyways, last night, I totally went to the gym. Seth was playing ball. I haste-fully waited until he was finished with his game, then told him I was not up to lifting. Walking up the steps was muy dificil. Seth cooked dinner... chicken fajitas! Except, he forgot the peppers and onions. LOL!! I heated up a microwavable pouch of Fiesta Rice and a pouch of Black Beans from the Old El Paso Heat & Serve line (LOVE!) and chowed down on a salad that was to die for!

That's shredded lettuce, black beans, fiesta rice, salsa, chicken, sautéed mushrooms, red onions, and light avocado ranch dressing with lime! Delish!

Fast forward to this morning...

I woke up hella late! People don't say hella any more, huh? This Kentucky girl is behind in the times. I had 30 minutes to prep my meals for the day, pack my gym clothes, pack my lunches, eat breakfast, and of course, get ready for work. Thankfully, I am feeling much more human today... more congested, but MUCH better.

I threw some Gerber squash baby food, oat bran, egg whites, cinnamon bun protein powder, and Saigon cinnamon into the Magic Bullet, and poured the batter into the omelet trays of my George Foreman grill.

One of the squash cakes ended up being miniature! I gobbled that one right up!

While that was cooking, I nuked a Bag-O-Beans (BOB? lol!) to pack up for two of today's work meals.

Once they were cooked, I tossed them in containers with last night's leftover chicken!

By then, my hot cakes were finished cooking, so I tossed them in a container (minus the reject mini-cake that I ate!), topped it with my homemade syrup (recipe will be in next post for easy access), and I plan on eating them pre-workout!

FINALLY, my meals were packed! PHEW!! Oh wait!! I only had THREE MINUTES to get out the door and I still hadn't eaten breakfast! I mixed some All the Whey Cupcake Batter with about 1-2 tablespoons of water and added it to my coffee (mixing it with water first prevents clumps when adding it to the HOT coffee). I also tossed in some Splenda and pumpkin pie spice. Take that Starbucks! NEENER! NEENER!

I also grabbed some Tamari almonds (YUM!) and an apple to round out the meal!

There you have it! Not too shabby for meal packing on the fly! Reason #139,081 why not having time is NOT a valid excuse! Now I just have to log all this stuff and see what I kind of macros I have left for tonight! :)

See ya later! TGIF!! WOO HOO!


Kathie said...

Okay chick...first off, you need to learn to start packing for tomorrow the night before. LOL!! Come on, I say this time and time again. It has saved me COUNTLESS mornings of running around like my head was chopped off. LOL!!!

And why on earth did I not realize this new GFG had omelette plates. EEP!! MUST.GET.NOW! (if only the Big T would approve. Le Sigh..)

And omg, i did not know el paso had a heat and serve line. Must.check.it.out

and lastly...THAT'S WHY MY PROTEIN POWDER ALWAYS GOT LUMPS IN MY COFFEE! shame on you, you never told me your little trick. hahaha Love ya!

Genie said...

KATHIE, girl, I was way too sick to pack anything last night! I could barely hold my head up. I wasn't about to cook up a storm. LOL!

Anonymous said...

i hateeeee rushing around and being late. i almost ALWAYS forget something!!! i need to try coffee/protein powder. i'm new to coffee drinking and i think it would taste a lot better with protein powder mixed in.

Becca said...

me want omlett.

Wow, all that and you still had time to take pics. LOL i would have for sure skipped the pics if I were running late. You are good!

Dr. TriRunner said...

That's super funny, because I say "hella" all the time, and I'm from MN! No one here gets where I picked that up.. neither do I ;)

Those pancakes look BOMB!