Clean & Seal

Almost done with the kitchen floors! WOOTY WOO!! All that's left is one more cleaning (This is taking forever. I have lightly mopped a few times! We were told not to mop it hard until it was sealed!), then we will apply the spray sealant. We will finish first thing tomorrow morning!

We went from this:

to this hideousness:

And finally, we are HERE!!!

The bottom pic shows truer colors.

I want to find a dark bar table that seats four, instead of this old hand-me-down table my father bought many years ago. I am also thinking about swapping out the inherited curtains. While they look great and simple (IMO), I'm intrigued by the weather blocking curtains that look similar. We lose a lot of heat in the winter, and in the summer we have the opposite problem. We have great windows, but since they are a substantial size, you can still feel the outdoors coming in!!

For now we are done with the kitchen. In the spring, we will paint the cabinets, replace the hardware, and install new countertops.

Here is the counter sample I have picked out for now:

Originally, I wanted light colored cabinets (white?) and brushed nickel hardware, but I'm not sure that goes with the rustic and earthy tones in our house.

I have also been perusing home improvement blogs, and I really like the darker painted bottom cabinets paired with pale upper cabinets. Leave it to me to NOT save the pic that caught my attention. And, of course, my memory fails me, and I can't remember the blog name to save my life. BOO!

I also love this, and I think the color scheme and feel can easily be tied in with our current decor (what little we have!).

What can I say? It's a S L O W work in progress! You can find all kitchen posts here.

I'm going to concentrate on the main bathroom in February! Oh the excitement!! I started last year and made it somewhat presentable. It is way past time for the finishing touches! Does anyone know where I can find cheap affordable sconces in brushed nickel? :D


Becca said...

Love love love. Super cute.
I love the coutner top you picked out, that is what Tim and I are looking for in the future when we do our kitchen, too! :) Why am i not surprised.

PS no white cabinets in your home. Love the rustic n warm tones

Nicci@NiftyEats said...

I love your kitchen, everything looks great!

怎麼會這樣 said...


Kathie said...

Looks GREAT!!!

Therese said...

You are definitely making progress! I am begging my husband to help me paint our kitchen and living room. I can't take our white walls much longer!

JJ -Shopping Candy for my first home. said...

The tile looks great! I still am in love with your hardwood floors in the living area :)