I Challenge YOU!

I spend way too much time on Twitter. Late last week a challenge was posted...

So, now, I challenge YOU!

Head on over to NU Fit and check out the quick Metabolic Conditioning workout dubbed METCON.

So, take a couple minutes and challenge yourself! Don't forget to time yourself and post up the results! I'd love to hear how you do!

Here are my results, fasted and mildly hungover. LOL! (What? It was Saturday morning. Y'all know I like to get down! LOL!)

And, no, I wasn't wearing my HR strap! LOL!


Anonymous said...

You definately stepped your game up for this one Genie! Actually you crushed my 1st attempt time of 2:53 min...but did you do it as recommended ;)

I would love to see how some of your peeps get down on this one! Post up y'all!

The goal is sub 3 min, but I'd like to see it under 2!

Attempt numero deux today...let's GO!!!!!!!!

Be Well,

Maximillian Barry, CPT

Genie said...

Almost!! I did everything (pushups and dips) on my Iron Gym, so my dips were weeniefied. LOL!

Here's a pic of some dude using his for more than just pull-ups. :) Love pushups on this thing!

Therese said...

Boo I couldn't see your stats!

Genie said...

Hey Therese! I fixed it! :)

Fitness Jenn said...

Hmmmmmmmm interesting...I'm DEF going to try that one soon...and I'll give it to my girls too and see how they do...I'll let you know how everyone does!